25th March 2011

Welcome to Appraiser Income

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Here is to an epic 2018!  Time to get back in to marketing your business and stop relying on AMC work!

Since 2015 I have been slammed with too much work…   It is crazy how things have changed in recent years. When I made this video in 2014 the work seemed to be drying up.  Is this going to happen again soon?  If you are in need of work, please watch this video and make sure you sign up to my Appraiser Marketing System!

If you would like to know a little bit more about me and why I write this blog, please visit this post A little about me – Bryan Knowlton

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  1. 1 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, Pablo Zeiter said:

    On Friday I read you entry about getting appraisal orders at new higher fees. I just got an order today at the same old fee. Were you lying just to get traffic to your website? If so, that is wrong because I thought things were actually going to change. Thanks for nothing.

  2. 2 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    It was an April Fools joke. It might have been in bad taste, but April 1st was the day we were supposed to see an improvement in our profession, but we actually saw fees drop. I also hoped we would see some positive changes on Friday, but nothing came through and still we have no recourse. I have numerous lawyers, appraiser coalitions and of course I am spending almost all my time trying to get to the bottom of this. Most likely I am going to burn all my bridges to the appraisal management companies going through this course of action, but I am prepared to get blacklisted by the appraisal management companies for the sake of the industry. Maybe I will be able to make a good living in the future when this is all resolved, but for now I have decided to light fires all over the place and hopefully get other appraisers involved at the same time.

    Please stay in touch and continue to monitor my website. The only benefit I have received from the post I have made is to see that there are many other appraisers that are fed up and willing to help in the fight.

    We will get to the bottom of this, it can only get worse without appraiser involvement.


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