22nd July 2011

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Opens

Washington – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) hit the ground running this week, launching functions and issuing a variety of required rules and reports that represent important steps in making the CFPB operational and effective from the start.

“Two years ago, the consumer agency was just barely an idea. A year ago it became law. And this week, the CFPB will open its doors and begin to make a difference in the marketplace,” said Elizabeth Warren, Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the CFPB. “This agency is ready to be a cop on the beat for American families – and I couldn’t be prouder.”

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22nd July 2011

Appraisal Management Companies & Non-AMC Work

These are the top 2 ways that I make most of my income and reach my monthly goals.

With all the ups and downs with work flow coming form the Appraisal Management Companies, luckily my website brings in a fair amount of work.

You can easily follow in my footsteps and get a ton of appraisal work.

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– you can pay someone part time to apply to all the AMCs while you work on appraisals, etc… Hire someone from craigslist.org

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Step #2 – Get a search engine optimized website

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22nd July 2011

The Busy Appraiser Podcast – 11

I share my thoughts on the appraisal industry. Low paying appraisal management companies and the appraisers that do appraisals for extremely low fees.

I talk briefly on the consumer finance protection bureau.

Report low paying AMCs to http://www.notcustomaryandreasonable.com

Make sure to sign up to the appraisal marketing system if you haven’t yet.


And I talk about a great password management plug-in. It will save all of your usernames and passwords. You can also use it to fill online application for the appraisal management companies by populating all the fields for you. Get more information at Free Password Management – http://www.freepasswordmanagement.com

Thanks again!

Bryan Knowlton

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