23rd August 2011

Appraisal Foundation responds to The Wall Street Journal

Please click on the link below to see the original letter and article:
Appraisal Foundation Letter and Original Article from The Wall Street Journal

August 17, 2011
The Editor
The Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Sent Via Electronic Mail: wsj.ltrs@wsj.com

Dear Editor:
We are contacting you in reference to an article written by S. Mitra Kalita and Carrick Mollenkamp that appeared in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, August 12, entitled “Judgment Call: Appraisals Weigh Down Housing Sales.”
As the Congressionally-authorized organization that establishes appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications in the United States, we feel compelled to address several aspects of the article that we feel should be clarified for your readers.

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22nd August 2011

UAD Sample for Appraisers

Timothy McCarthy filled out an appraisal form noting UAD changes that will need to be made.

Hopefully everyone at this point has updated their appraisal software with UAD functionality, but this is a nice reference to double check your information.

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16th August 2011

New E-Book: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

Find out how to get more work and higher fees from the Appraisal Management Companies.

If you are currently unhappy with the amount of work or pay that you are getting from the appraisal management companies, this will help you.

Chapters Include:
2.How much work do you want?
3.Your address and proximity to your target service area
4.Getting a good list
5.Preparing for the application process
6.The application process
7.First Follow Up
8.Counter Offers
9.Relationship Management
10.Common Errors to Avoid
11.Standardize your Reports
12.Saving time on Reports
13.Underwriting Conditions
14.Getting Paid
15.Getting More Work
16.Updating Documents
17.The Future with AMCs

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