19th November 2010

HUD is hiring appraisers

HUD is hiring and more government jobs

Jobtitle Job Location Public Department Posted Deadline
Appraiser WASHINGTON, DC Pub Housing and Urban Development
11/10/10 11/26/10
Appraiser Germany Pub Housing and Urban Development 11/10/10
Review Appraiser PHOENIX, AZ Pub Interior 10/19/10 11/19/10
Review Appraiser WASHINGTON, DC Pub Interior 10/19/10 11/19/10
Review Appraiser PHOENIX, AZ Gov Interior 10/19/10 11/19/10
Review Appraiser WASHINGTON, DC Gov Interior 10/19/10 11/19/10
Appraiser KENNEWICK, WA Gov Army 07/01/10 12/30/10
Appraiser WASHINGTON, DC Gov Army 07/01/10 12/30/10
Appraiser KENNEWICK, WA Gov Army 07/30/10 01/27/11
Appraiser WASHINGTON, DC Gov Army 07/30/10 01/27/11

Vacancy No. F11-DE-404602-2CLz Department Federal Housing
Commissioner, Assistant Secretary for Housing
Salary $89,033.00 to $115,742.00 Grade 13 to 13
Perm/Temp Permanent FT/PT Full-time
Open Date 11/10/2010 Close Date 11/26/2010
Job Link Apply Online Who may apply Public
Locations: ( Help make everyone’s job search easier! Report
incorrect job locations. Include a new Location)
WASHINGTON, DC remove Germany remove

Job Description (Please follow all instructions carefully)

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15th November 2010

Independent Appraiser – Insurance Appraisal Process Protects Policyholders

The insurance policies in most states have an appraisal clause that allows the parties of the contract to resolve a dispute on the “amount of loss.” In short, the amount required to fully complete the repairs caused by a covered event. For instance; a policyholder could be forced to hire an independent appraiser to enter into the appraisal process to protect their interests.

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15th November 2010

How to Find a Good Real Estate Appraiser

I’m not going to lie to you, investing in real estate can be incredibly lucrative both in the short-term and especially in the long term but there are many intricate pieces that go into the puzzle before you can really profit on your investment.

Finding the right broker is one of the pieces, and in fact may be a very important piece. But one of the absolute most important pieces in my opinion is finding the right real estate appraiser.

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15th November 2010

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser offers their services to evaluate property, land and dwellings, to determine the appropriate value of that property. In order to sell a property most people realize it is important to hire an appraiser. It is necessary for the mortgage company to know what the home is worth so they are not loaning more money than they can recover, and it is great information for the buyer to know that they are getting their moneys worth. But there are still a few other reasons that one might want to hire a real estate appraiser.

These reasons would include establishing value to buy insurance. If you are wanting additional insurance for flood or earthquake for example, it is important that the insurance company knows the value of your home. This is so you can receive the proper and fair amount given this type of disaster should happen in settling your insurance claims.

The obvious is to establish market value or to refinance your home. A refinance could make it possible to do necessary yet sometimes expensive repairs to your property. If you have enough equity in your home as founded by an appraisal, you’ll be able to make necessary improvements with ease.

You may want to hire a real estate appraiser if market values have decreased since your last property tax assessment. You can use an appraisal to dispute and reduce your property taxes.

To settle an estate and disperse money to heirs would be another reason this type of professional might be used. Also, in the case of divorce, knowing the market value of the home is valuable to know when dividing property.

If you find yourself in a situation that you could benefit from using a real estate appraiser, be sure that they are state licensed and certified.

For Appraiser Las Vegas, check into the Appraisal Associates of Nevada.? There you will find a Las Vegas Appraiser that is sure to fit your needs.? Heidi Ball is a freelance writer.

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15th November 2010

Considering a Real Estate Appraiser Career For You?

Considering a career as a real estate appraiser? It’s a career choice that offers the opportunity to work outside a typical office environment, the chance to meet different kinds of people and with experience, the choice to start your own consulting business. Here are some tips to consider if you’re ready to take on this exciting, career challenge:

Satisfy your state’s real estate appraisal education requirements.

First things first – you must fulfill your state’s educational requirements before launching your career and obtaining your trainee license. You can take your course in a classroom setting. However, many choose to pursue their real estate appraisal training in an online learning environment. Benefits of this choice can include setting your own study schedule, learning from home and progressing at your own pace. Whether you choose an online or classroom setting, your learning objectives should include land taxation, government regulations, zoning laws and the business aspect of the job, which involves current market trends.
Pass your state exam and obtain field experience. On-the-job training will allow you to implement what you learned during your real estate appraisal courses. On the job training would put you under an experienced real estate appraiser. Basically, you will act as an assistant to your mentor and examine how things are done. It is also the best way to start building networks among prominent people on the job; you never know when a good connection may come in handy. It is not impossible to make valuable contacts when conducting or assisting with an appraisal or even just attending business meetings with your mentor. Make sure to make yourself known to them, you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity.
Consider all the opportunities an appraiser career offers. Aside from mentorship with a real estate appraiser, how about working for a bank? It’s an ideal move for someone who wants to specialize in land value and equities. Another is taking apprenticeship with the government, particularly in the department that handles taxation problems and revenues because this is very much in sync with the job. Lastly, after acquiring enough experience, why not launch your business? You could work independently and develop a network of clients and businesses you perform appraisals for, or you can hire other appraisers and serve as a mentor to new, budding appraisers.

An appraisal may be the rewarding career opportunity you’ve been seeking. If anything, it’s definitely worth investigating, especially in an economy that is positively progressing in the right direction.

If you are currently working full-time and/or juggling other personal and family responsibilities, don’t be dismayed – an appraisal career is still possible! Consider the convenience an online real estate school can offer with schedule flexibility and the ability to learn from home on your own schedule. Saving money on gas and child care are also major benefits.

Conduct your own research and learn more about this career field. It might be the best move you ever make for your career, future and family.

Jason S. Cruz is a copywriter for Real Estate School. we provide industry-leading online courses for real estate appraiser that enable students to meet their educational requirements and prepare for the state exam. The convenient distance education courses offer students a quick and flexible way to advance their careers.

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15th November 2010

Your Project and the Appraiser – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Foreclosed and distressed homes have plagued the construction industry through inaccurate appraisals over the past few years. Sales of new homes and remodeling projects have been killed by faulty appraisal practices, in which, appraisals are less than the cost of construction or improvements by comparing them to properties that have been sitting vacant for years or are in disrepair.

New Appraisal Guidelines

On June 30, 2010 Fannie Mae released new appraisal policies and guidelines that should counteract these inaccuracies. The new policy covers:

• Your Lenders responsibility to only use appraisers who have the appropriate knowledge and experience for an appraisal assignment, including an understanding of the specific geographic market;

• Appraisers must consider property condition when choosing to use foreclosure sales or short sales as comps; and

• Other changes allow for authorized third parties, including builders, to provide additional information about the basis for a valuation of a newly built or remodeled home.

Help Yourself and Put Your Best Foot Forward

Treating an appraisal like an “Open House” is not a bad idea – especially when “curb appeal” can make a good first impression. It may not be much but every little bit helps and you want your home to look the best when getting appraised for its value.

Some helpful tips:

• Providing the Appraiser with a list of upgrades you have completed or plan to include will not hurt;

• Dig up some comps yourself with the help of your real estate agent. These are a matter of public record – so spend the time to find houses like your in your neighborhood. Do some research to find out about extenuating circumstances that could have produced lower prices that some comparable homes sold for. A death or divorce in the family can lead to a seller taking a lower offer than they would have under a normal circumstance. Make these findings available to the Appraiser – they can only help your cause.

• When the appraisal report is finished double check the final report submitted. It is not a problem to request to see what the appraiser turned in. Check for factual mistakes – wrong lot size, wrong square footage, incorrect number or bedrooms or bathrooms. Errors like these will affect the value of your home if not reported and evaluated correctly.

By Michael J. Mazer

Mike is a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS); Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) and an Award Winning Graduate Master Builder (GMB). His company, Alternative Home Solutions, Inc. is a design/build home remodel and new home construction firm in the Chicago Metropolitan area http://www.althomes.com.

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15th November 2010

Remortgage Appraisal – Basics and How to Influence the Appraiser, Ethically

As you know, the appraisal is a key factor in the remortgage process. Read this article to find out what you need to know about remortgage appraisals, including tips to quickly maximize the value of your home, and therefore the equity.

A home appraisal is an opinion of value. For mortgage-related activities, it is given in writing. Lenders use appraisals to figure out what kind of a risk you represent. In other words, how much of a home loan to give you and how much to charge you for it (the interest rate).

Appraisers are licensed professionals who have received training in collecting and analyzing information about real estate and neighborhoods.

For single family homes, they rely on the sales comparison approach. This is where they locate sales of homes in your neighborhood that are similar to yours and compare them to yours, giving your home credit for features your neighborhood deems desirable and penalizing your home for not having features it deems desirable.

Sometimes lenders are satisfied with a drive-by appraisal, usually though they require an appraisal based on a thorough inside and outside inspection of your property.

When you remortgage, the higher the value, the better. There are many improvements you can do to your home. Many do not get you a good return for your money.

What gets you the most return is cleaning and painting. If you want to do other changes, the best thing you can do is to go to some open houses for the high end houses in your home’s class and see what they have. Don’t forget to ask the realty agents what they think are the best changes to make to bring the value up fast.

The areas where you get the most return on your money are the kitchen and the bathrooms. As regards the kitchen, keep in mind that the fridge and stove are not considered part of the real estate (they’re personal property) and have, therefore, no bearing on the value of your home. So don’t buy high-end appliances.

So, as far as the remortgage appraisal is concerned, the best thing to do is make sure your home measures against your neighbors as far as the amenities and add-ons are concerned. Painting should also match what your neighbors like. Just match the top houses in the same class.

Remortgaging is a complicated process. Even the sub-topic of remortgage appraisal has more information that can fit into one article. The more information you have, the easier it is going to be for you to get a better remortgage. To get a better remortgage, visit http://www.RemortgagesBadCreditOrNot.com and be informed.

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15th November 2010

Real Estate Appraiser Marketing Tips

The best thing about marketing your services on the Internet is that clients will look for you by typing what they need in the search box. If you can fill their need they will call you. But, first you need to be found by these prospective clients. I believe the following are the four best ways to advertise your appraisal services on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quantity and/or quality of traffic to your website from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. To do this you need to appear in the first two pages of the natural (free) search results. Typically the earlier your site appears in the search results, the more visitors it will receive from potential clients looking for appraisal services. To appear in the top of the search results your site needs keywords, such as “Real Estate Appraisers”, “Estate Appraisals”, etc. These are the terms and phrases that possible clients will use when they search the Internet looking for a real estate appraiser.

An additional factor that will help your site appear higher in the search results are links to your website. The combination of the quantity of links to your site and the “Anchor Text” (the words in the link) can help your site appear at or near the top of the search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Statistics indicate that approximately 70% of searchers will click on the natural search results, therefore it is important that your site or directory you are listed in appear at or near the top of the natural search results.

Pay Per Click (Sponsored Links): This is an additional method to get your web site to appear in the search results (paid results known as “Sponsored Links”) these are the results that appear to the top and right of the natural (free) search results. You as an advertiser pay only when your ad is clicked which leads the searcher to your web site. The cost of this type of marketing depends on the amount of competition that is bidding for the same keywords “Real Estate Appraisers”, “Divorce Appraisals”, etc., as you. If you are in an area with very little competition it might only cost you $.05 per click, however if there is a lot of competitors it could cost $10.00 or more per click. One of the problems with pay per click, besides the cost is that statistics indicate that only approximately 30% of searchers will click on your ad. This is substantially lower to the natural search results.

Directories: Appraiser directories can also be very beneficial as they do the Internet marketing work for you. There is no need for you to use your valuable time or money to attempt to optimize your website or pay for pay per click marketing. A directory can do this all for you. They will place a listing on their site with your company information, the services you provide and your contact info.

Local Business Ads: These are the listings that appear with a map to your location on the various search engines. They are free on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com and I urge you to add your business. Make sure to include your type of services in your listing, such as “Miami Appraiser”, “Appraisals Miami”, etc. as the majority of your competitors will list their name which will not describe the services they provide. If you were looking for an appraiser which listing would you notice “Miami Appraiser” or “Joe Schmoe”? I know what most potential clients will pick and this puts you above your competition.

There are pros and cons to the first three methods of Internet marketing. Search engine optimization takes time and constant work, pay per click costs money and takes some time and directories cost money. Determining which Internet marketing methods are best for you is your decision. The combination of all four will benefit your business the most, however I believe that listing your business in a directory could be your greatest option. For a negligible fee a directory can provide the first three of the above marketing methods and you can simply create a local business ad yourself for the final Internet marketing method.

Michael J. Cappello has been a real estate appraiser for 18 years and currently owns the Real Estate Appraisers Directory

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15th November 2010

How A Real Estate Appraiser Is Essential In Buying Your Home

A real estate appraiser basically determines the worth of a property. The purpose is to see if it’s worth the price asked. This makes sure it’s fair to the buyer and seller, and also tells the lender if it’s a good value in case of a foreclosure. They’ll look not only at the house, but at the area around the house; location, services, safety of the area and plans for the area are all factors that determine its value.

Who is the Real Estate Appraiser?

In order to become a real estate appraiser, there is lots of training involved. They are licensed by each state, which requires them to perform rigorous coursework. This coursework is to ensure that they know everything possible about real estate markets. Their role in the entire US economy is quite large. They’re the ones who make the final decision on how much a place is worth, and this decision affects lots of other things.

Another important qualification is that they have to be an unbiased third party. They can’t be connected in any way to the buyer or seller, financially or otherwise. This is important in making sure that they make a fair assessment. If they’re connected to either party, it can sway their appraisal. Even though they must be an objective third party, some mortgage lenders have appraisers on their staff.

How Does an Appraiser Make Their Decision?

The process of making an appraisal is very complicated. It starts with an inspection of the property and the grounds around it. Following this, they will tour the neighborhood. In just a few hours, they can make a preliminary report on the home and the area around it. However, a more detailed report can take weeks or even months. They use lots of resources, including records and interviews, to piece together a picture of how much the house is worth. All of this information can make a major difference, and they’ll continue searching until they’re satisfied that they can make an accurate appraisal.

For the initial tour of the house, they’ll be looking at the condition of the property, how modern it is, what improvements have been made to it, and how big it is. Other factors, like yards, basements or swimming pools will also come into play. They’re looking at the present condition as well as history of the property.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Appraiser

Aside from just determining the value of a property, a real estate appraiser can also tell you information about the neighborhood, like how much other homes are going for. They can show you things about the house that you might have overlooked, such as things that could be a problem in the future. They can also help you negotiate the price with the seller based on their appraisal, and sometimes can help you find a mortgage lender.

A real estate appraiser is not only essential for helping you buy a home, they can also provide you information about properties and neighborhoods. Whether or not your mortgage lender provides one, you have to get an appraisal of the house. They play an important role in the process of buying a home.

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