13th January 2011

Appraiser Marketing System – Your New Job

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I hope you started signing up to more appraisal management companies using a good list, but if that is not what you are looking for, I am going to start covering other ways to get estate appraisal orders next week.

Estate appraisals are the cream of the crop!

Everyone needs an appraisal for estate purposes from time to time for a date of death appraisal, divorce, bankruptcy, etc… I have even completed quite a few tax reassessment appraisals over the past
few years. I will cover those topics in about a week, so hang in there.

Regarding the AMCs though, you need to set up a schedule on verifying your accounts and that you are properly set up to receive orders.

So set a schedule and a goal. Depending on how much work you need, set a goal to complete 10, 20 or 30 applications a week. Break it down to submit Monday through Thursday. Save Fridays for sending follow up emails and making follow up phone calls to verify everything has been set up properly.

I was working 12 hour days submitting to appraisal management companies when I was down and out and it really paid off. It also helped me to get my mind off my financial problems and focus on building my business.

Once you apply to a couple appraisal management companies, you will get in a routine and most likely be able to complete an application quickly.

You can also use Fridays to follow up with appraisal management companies that have used you in the past and that have not sent you any orders in a while. Log in and confirm everything is up to date and follow up with them to find out why you are not receiving any additional orders.

Keep in mind that most companies want less than 10% error rate. They might cut you if you have over a 20% error rate. So if you are getting errors on more than 1 out of every 10 reports, you are going to need to improve your error rate.

My next email will be about the first appraisal management company that I signed up with and still sends me 5-7 requests a week.

I have also been using a really awesome program that imports all your subject and comparable data and can completes the 1004MC for you with graphs and more. I REALLY love it!

I hope you have all your information together and have been busy signing up to the appraisal management companies, if not, get ready so you don’t fall behind!

Thanks again!

Bryan Knowlton
Appraiser Income

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