18th May 2011

Appraiser Marketing System – A GOOD AMC – REALLY!

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I am still reeling from all the hate mail I received since the last AMC I suggested. Well, the AMC was PCVMurcor, which in my opinion is gaining my ranks as one of the worst AMCs to work with… At the time I originally created that email on PCVMurcor they were only contacting me with complex assignments and I pretty much ignored all their other requests.

Currently they are sending out offers around the country with super low ball rates. I hope they step up to the plate, but when I asked them their feelings on ‘Customary and Reasonable’ they believe the rates are determined by the appraisers and there is a lot of competition in my area…. Pretty much a totally BS answer in my opinion. I know of many appraisers making complaints against them.

I still get orders from them on very complex deals where they pay a fair price, but I am starting to think that might be the best thing to do either. I might have to totally quit working for them due to their poor business practices.

So, I wanted to make up for the poor PCVMurcor recommendation I gave you before, so I have a great one (as of this posting) for you!

I have been doing a lot of work lately for FINITI AMC, you can sign up to be a vendor at http://www.finiti.info

They do have good fees and they will also approve complexity adjustments. I suggest you check them out. Thanks again for all the feedback about PCVMurcor and make sure to get my AMC Directory with over 300 companies listed. The top 40 on my list send me most of my work.


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