6th January 2012

New Opportunities for the New Year with Clearbox

With the beginning of the New Year there comes the chance for new opportunity. Clearbox has clients who are seeking to expand their fee panels and have asked us to put reach out to appraisers for the following areas:

Delaware • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York

If you have not already done so please take about 20 minutes to complete your registration on Clearbox. If you are already registered in Clearbox and would like to confirm that your profile is complete you can do so by contacting their customer service agents at help@clearblox.com.

~ P.S. – I don’t have much information on Clearbox and I have never completed an appraisal for them. If you have worked with them in the past or are currently working with them, please let us all know about your experiences with this appraisal management company below.

Thank you!

Bryan Knowlton

Note: I have received this message from Clearbox for your information.

Good Afternoon Bryan,
We appreciate you forwarding our message to all of your followers. I wanted to reach out and explain our company a bit more to you. Clearbox is not an AMC. Clearbox provides a platform for appraisers to reach out to Lenders and AMCs. Our system allows AMCs and Lenders to manage their fee panels and evaluate new appraisers. We provide appraisers with a profile system that helps them create an electronic resume view able by prospective AMCs and Lenders. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns you would like help with. You can check us out at www.clearbox.com.
Have a great day,

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