11th January 2012

Retrospective Field Review Appraisers Needed

Coester Appraisal Group is seeking certified, residential appraisers with specific Retrospective Field Review Experience.

Due to an increase in business, we are currently seeking experienced, residential appraisers, nationwide, who possess working knowledge of Retrospective Field Reviews.

If interested, please respond with your experience level in the following four (4) areas:

Residential Appraisals
Retrospective Field Reviews – FNMA 2000 and 2000A
Retrospective Desk Reviews – FNMA 2005
Reconciliation Summary Reports

For more detail information regarding the specific requirements involved with this work, please contact Steve Francis at sfrancis@coesterappraisals.com.

NOTE: Contact Steve Francis at sfrancis@coesterappraisals.com. Although I appreciate everyone that attempted to use the contact form below to reply, you must e-mail them directly.

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