24th January 2011

Appraiser Marketing System – Get More Local Orders

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Hi Again! Hope your marketing is going well!

One of the best free marketing techniques out there is to post your services to popular online classifieds.

You have probably heard about CraigsList at http://www.Craigslist.org.

It is one of the most popular online directories out there. You can post free online classifieds. You want to post your classified add to the proper city or area that you cover. I would suggest adding this to your weekly routine to keep the posts fresh.

I post my services in both the Real Estate section and also Financial Services in your primary city. In the real estate services section I might put something like this:

San Diego Appraiser Bryan Knowlton will appraise your property immediately!

Certified Residential appraiser with over 8 years of experience.

Please visit Appraise All Real Estate http://www.appraiseallrealestate.com to get your San Diego Appraisal Completed quickly.

Appraise All
Bryan Knowlton

San Diego appraisal services:
help set sales price
real estate appraisal
FHA appraisal

and in the Financial Services section, I would put something like:

San Diego Appraiser will provide immediate appraisal services throughout San Diego County.

100% honest and ethical appraiser can help with your San Diego Divorce Appraisal, San Diego Estate Appraisal or San Diego Bankruptcy Appraisal. Certified San Diego Appraiser. Fully licensed and insured.

Appraise All
Bryan Knowlton

The great thing about posting to the online classifieds is that they will sometimes get your post indexed in the search engines the same day it is posted. I have searched for San Diego Bankruptcy Appraiser and my post on Craigslist came up #1 in the search engines! The posts get deleted automatically after a while, so you really should re-post weekly to keep it fresh and searchable.

If you enjoyed this post, please comment on it below! Have you tried this technique?

Also, if you haven’t checked on your PROTK application yet, now is the time to make sure everything has been set up properly!


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Appraiser Income

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