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As a Real Estate Appraiser you are constantly looking for new clients and more appraisal requests. You need to be highly experienced in your service area and have the ability to get your name out to clients interested in using your services. Appraisal management companies still send me the bulk of my appraisal orders, but finding the best appraisal management companies has taken me years of research.

Besides completing appraisal orders, I spend the rest of my time looking for new clients that need my services.

There are many ways to do this, but only a few seem to be working these days. You should focus on the most profitable marketing campaigns to get more appraisal business. My marketing focus changes throughout the year depending on what is going on in the Real Estate Market. Below I have listed the most profitable marketing techniques that I have experienced throughout 2009 to 2011.

My most profitable appraisal marketing techniques:

1. Appraisal Management company orders – Signing up with Appraisal Management Companies – I have found that the most work I am able to obtain in this current market is to appraise real estate owned appraisals (REO) for appraisal management companies.

I have made more money than ever before with the high demand for bank owned property appraisals. Appraisers in the past have avoided appraisal management companies due to lower fees and unrealistic turn times. Times have changed and most companies offer full free appraisals along with realistic turn times.

I have been making more money consistently appraising real estate for appraisal management companies than ever before. Make sure to order 2011 Appraisal Management Company Directory to increase your bottom line.

The big difference with other lists you might find on the internet with appraisal management companies is that I put the AMCs that send me the most appraisal work at the top of my appraisal management company directory. This list of appraisal management companies is a national appraisal management company directory and you should have no problem getting orders.

2. Top Ranking Appraiser Websites – I have approximately 10 websites covering my primary market area. I receive between 5-10 appraisal orders a week for hard money purchase transactions and appraisal orders for estate purposes to include divorce and property settlements.

We offer search engine optimized websites that are guaranteed to bring you more business. If you have an existing website that is not bringing in any orders, then you already know there is a problem.

You need a top ranking appraiser website to get more real estate appraisal orders and make it possible for appraisal management companies to find you when they need an appraisal order in your area.

When searching for your primary search terms, like ‘San Diego Appraisal’, you should show up on the first page of search engine results in google. If you are not, that is the reason why you are not getting any internet work. I get 90% of my non-AMC appraisal orders from my top ranking website. Search for ‘San Diego Appraisal’ and I can guarantee we have the top positions. Sign up with us and we will get you there as well.

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3. Online Advertising – Taking advantage of in each community I serve, I am able to obtain additional appraisal orders. You should also get your website listed with all the search engines, free directories as well as a few pay directories that have sent us orders in the past. By signing up for a website hosted by us, we will give you the list for free as well as sign you up with over 50 online search engines and directories.

4. Mail Advertising Campaigns – I create updated mailing lists from phone directories and from the internet to send postcard mailers to potential clients. This is not too difficult if you know how to use spreadsheets and create an image for your postcard. If you would like us to handle a marketing campaign for us that you will be able to use for years, please contact us for more details.

Starting at the end of 2007 I have seen many of my appraiser friends go out of business due to the lack of appraisal work. Once the refinance and purchase transactions started to dry up, we started losing the clients that were sending us the majority of our work for years. Many of the appraisers I knew could no longer support themselves doing appraisals and either went back to their prior business or found new employment. I wasn’t ready to give up. I love appraising real estate and knew with my marketing skills I should be able to stay afloat until the real estate bust started to turn around.

After spending over a year trying everything that I possibly could, I have found many opportunities and every year has only gotten better for me as a real estate appraiser. I have also helped hundreds of real estate appraisers that have contacted me in fears of losing their homes and lifestyle due to the lack of income.

Looking for the biggest bang for the buck?

1. Buy our Appraisal management company directory with complete contact info, application links and tips on getting the most work possible. Sign up to the companies that have the highest volume of work first, then complete the list and I guarantee you will get a lot of orders.
2. Create multiple websites targeting different areas or services to bring in more appraisal orders. By targeting each area you cover, you will have more exposure on the internet and get more appraisal work.
3. Market your website and services weekly to potential clients over the internet. (lawyers, bail bondsmen, estate planners)
4. Start a monthly mailing campaign to increase bankruptcy and divorce orders in your area.

Get started TODAY!

2011 Appraisal Management Company Directory

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