4th December 2023

Happy Holidays!

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I am whishing all my fellow appraisers happy holidays & a Merry Christmas! This is the slowest I have seen it during my career as an appraiser, so it can only get better from here! It will be a good time to really buckle down and focus on your non-lender work for 2024. The most work I see is for divorce, bankruptcy and date of death / estate appraisal services.

The best way to get those types of orders is through relationships with local attorneys in your area. First you have to reach them and then you have to keep them. Then you also need to get the work from the individuals that order your appraisal services directly. They will find you over the internet on service websites, apps and search engines. You have to focus on showing up on these locations, preferably near the top of the list.

Next year I will be working on getting more posts and marketing advice out on Appraiser Income as well as opening the Appraisers Club again to help appraisers get more of the Non-lender work that is out there. But in the meantime check all your social profiles, search for your ‘city name’ followed by appraiser / appraisal and see if you show up on the first page of google and see what you can do to get your company listed on any ‘service provider’ websites that do show up on the first page of the google results.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

~ Bryan

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