18th February 2011

The Busy Appraiser #6 – Rolatape Measurer

In this podcast I talk a little about my current appraisal assignment and some excellent tools I use to measure out properties.

To help get more people signed up to my Appraiser Marketing System and reward the appraisers that are currently signed up, every month I will be giving away one Rolatape MM-12 Measure Master at the end of each month.

This roller measurer rules! I can’t wait to start giving them out! The first one I give out will be on 02/28/2011. On the last day of each month I will continue to give out more roller measures until I decide to change to another give away.

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18th February 2011

Appraiser Marketing System – FREE GIVE AWAY

I have decided to have a monthly give away for everyone that is currently signed up to the appraiser marketing system and to get more appraisers to sign up.


If you have not signed up yet, make sure you sign up. My marketing system will teach you all the techniques I use to get appraisal orders online, offline and to get the most out of the appraisal management companies.

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