24th February 2012

Upcoming Webinar: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

Webinar: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

– “Thanks for all of the tips. I found this very valuable.” – Patrick Jones

– “We learned so much on Tuesday, we decided to come today and bring our office manager.” – Lu Waara

– “I wanted to let you know that myself and another representative from our company sat in on your recent webinar and found it truly informative. I wanted to thank you for the service, and also inquire about how my company can get on your AMC list (as I’ve noticed you, or your company are not in our current system).” -Nick Honiotes, Allstate Appraisal

This Webinar Series starts on Tuesday next week, so reserve your seat now!

Working with the best AMCs, negotiating your own fees, and enjoying a better process–one that meets your income expectations–gives you more power and more choice. Space availability is limited to the first 100 registrants, so register now to reserve your spot!
(*OREP Members always receive a discount)

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