22nd May 2015

2015 Appraisal Management Company Directory Now Available

Hey Fellow Appraisers! The newly updated 2015 AMC Directory is now available! After spending months editing the last update from July 2014, I have added over 30 new AMCs, removed some of the bad ones or the companies that have gone out of business and reformatted the top of the list to include the top 40 AMCs that are currently my best clients.

2015 Appraisal Management Company DirectoryI also updated and added a new chapter on how to use the AMC Directory to sign up only to companies listed in your state. That should save you a bunch of time when applying to the appraisal management companies.

And finally, this list not only includes the top companies that I recommend all appraisers to sign up to due to pay, turn around time or other factors, but for more than 99% of the companies listed, I have already done the research and found the direct link to their online applications. You won’t believe how much time that is going to save you in the registration process.

This isn’t just a list of appraisal management companies with phone numbers and maybe a website listing. I spend the time to get the contact information for each of the companies, find their online applications and more. If they don’t have an online application, they don’t get on my list. If they appear to be another appraiser looking to sign up other appraisers for a fee split, I don’t add them to my list either. If they are known not to pay their appraisers or have had problems paying appraisers in the past, they definitely don’t make it on my list. I have even tried to note as much as possible which companies state they have commercial work as well. I have registered with most of the companies in my directory except for some of the latest entries and when they have good work, they get moved up to the top of the list.

With interest rates still at an all time low and talks of softening lending practices, 2015 could possibly be your best year ever working with the appraisal management companies. But you won’t get ANY work from them if you don’t sign up to them.

Buy the new 2015 AMC Directory and start signing up today. I have been completely swamped with AMC work for years now, giving me the ability to cherry pick the best work available from a variety of companies and never get paid less than my customary and reasonable fees. I average over $450 per order, the lowest fee I have accepted in the past year was $325 and the highest $2000. Get your copy today.

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22nd May 2015

Three of the nation’s top housing experts give their take on the market, the economy and what the rest of 2015 has in store

A strengthening labor market, low interest rates, improving mortgage availability and growing, pent-up demand are predicted to significantly boost single-family housing production in 2015. But what else can builders and suppliers expect through the rest of the year?

NAHB Spring Construction Forecast Webinar

Three of the nation’s top housing experts will give their take on the market, the economy and what the rest of 2015 has in store. The panel will discuss, among other topics:

  • Housing’s potential and most likely path for 2015 and 2016
  • Recovery hurdles like labor shortages and tight credit
  • Tailwinds pushing housing such as demographics and pent-up demand
  • Future Federal Reserve actions and their impacts

Additionally, they’ll give a state-by-state analysis of areas that affect your business such as housing prices, employment and housing starts.


  • David Crowe, PhD, NAHB Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, NAHB.Crowe is responsible for NAHB’s forecast of housing and economic trends, survey research and analysis of the industry and consumer preferences as well as microeconomic analysis of government policies that affect housing.
  • Sam Khater, Deputy Chief Economist, CoreLogic. CoreLogic is America’s largest provider of advanced property and ownership information, analytics and services. Khater is responsible for analysis and commentary on the real estate and mortgage markets.
  • Robert Denk, Assistant Vice President for Forecasting and Analysis, NAHB. Denk develops econometric models of national, state and metropolitan area housing activity, long-term projections of housing demand, and ad-hoc analyses on a range of housing sector issues.

NAHB members pay $29.95; non-members $49.95. The registration deadline is  April 21. Register now at nahb.org/CFW. And as always, participants are encouraged to type in their questions as the event unfolds. The webinar will be available in the NAHB archives to all registrants for on-demand viewing.

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