9th January 2019

A world without robocalls? YES!

I just had to write a quick post about this. It has been wonderful.

Only 8 phone calls in the past couple days, all from clients or potential clients…

After receiving over 60 robocalls every day, I really stopped answering my phone as much as I used to. I thought I was helping my sanity by just ignoring some calls throughout the day, but then I would wonder if I actually was missing out on getting orders. It was becoming a lose-lose situation.

I tried numerous robocalling apps trying to get the problem under control but never came across anything that was easy to use and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I think I finally found it.

RoboKiller – you can find it in your app store. You can thank me later.

It does require a few things from you, like access to your contacts and then it sets up ‘conditional’ call forwarding on your phone line. Essentially it forwards all your calls to one of theirs, after they run it through their database and caller ID systems it is then sent back to you. But it is done immediately with no delay.

Of course they have all the disclaimers about never using or taking your contact information, the app just needs access to that info to make double sure there are no problems. It states they will not be contacted or marketed to and that is all I really care about. As far as my privacy, verizon, google and facebook knows everything about me already.

It is $2.99 a month or $24.99 a year.  They have a 7 day free trial as well.  Best $25.00 I have ever spent in my whole life!!!!

They even have answer bots to mess with the telemarketers and record the conversations so you can listen to them if you would like. Hilarious.

If anything changes, I will make a new post about it. Good luck out there, save your sanity, get RoboKiller!

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