28th December 2010

A little bit about me – Bryan Knowlton

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Hello Fellow Appraisers!

I thought I would take a little time and post a little information about myself and the situation I was in when I decided to put together my list of appraisal management companies.

Hopefully you are not in the same boat as I was in only a few years ago. Well, the HVCC went in to full affect and at the time I wasn’t doing ANY work for the AMCs. I also had the bright idea of moving from San Diego to Arizona, thinking I could live on less money and have a better lifestyle.

Not only was it drastically different LIVING in the desert vs. taking a vacation out there, I no longer had any of my estate appraisal orders and I could no longer market to mortgage brokers.

To make a 3 month story short, I was on the verge of bankruptcy, severely depressed and really had nowhere to turn. I made a ton of websites, started cold calling lawyers, CPAs, Bail bondsmen and anyone I could think of that might need my assistance.

Not many people were doing mortgages, but some banks and lenders told me the appraisal management companies they were using, so I contacted them and submitted my applications.

I then spent the next couple months working 10-12 hour days making phone calls to appraisers throughout the country and scouring the internet to find as many appraisal management companies out there.

It REALLY paid off. Soon I was making as much in Arizona as I was making in San Diego prior to the HVCC. I still moved back to San Diego about 6 months later, luckily my house there never sold!

In the upcoming emails about my Appraiser Marketing System, I will be covering all the techniques that I use to market my services, how to get more AMC orders and how I retain the #1 search position in all the top search engines for all the terms my customers search for.

It is a great time to start off with my best list of appraisal management companies. I will be mentioning a few in the upcoming emails, but if you want the entire list of over 200 AMCs and get started today, then you can get more information right here Appraisal Management Companies Directory. The top 37 companies on the list send me over 95% of my AMC work.

Lets help each other out!!! Feel free to make any comments or ask questions here! I love your feedback and would like to help you in any way possible.


Bryan Knowlton
Appraiser Income


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