6th January 2011

Appraiser Bootcamp starting!

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Hope you are having a great day and just wanted to let you know I will be starting a little appraiser boot camp if you are interested in following along.

My newsletter will cover what I do to get as many appraisal orders as possible. If you have not already signed up, please add yourself now in the upper right side of the screen.

It won’t cost you a thing. I just hope you will get involved with the other appraisers and post any comments or questions you might have along the way.

I will be telling you what AMCs work with me, the tools and software I use and let you know what marketing techniques I use to get more orders!

I have really meant to sign up to sign up to AlaMode to test out their appraisal management system. If you are currently using AlaMode, how has it worked out for you?

Please let me know!


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  1. 1 /*On January 10th, 2011*/, Keneth Mullinix said:

    I have been linked on Alamodes website and have have a website that was built by them for marketing purposes.
    I have have had maybe 5 to 10 views or hits on my site in the last year. They always notify you when you have had a visitor to your site.
    I have recieved no real work that I know of from either my website link to them; directly or indirectly.

  2. 2 /*On January 10th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    From everything I have heard about the Alamode Websites, they really don’t work at all. There is way too much ‘duplicate’ content shared across all their appraiser websites, which all search engines frown upon.

    They do look nice, but that is about it. I will be sharing information on how I made my appraiser website appear #1 in probably the most saturated market around.

    I thought they also had an AMC-like system that some vendors send work out to appraisers through, but I have yet to find any information about that.

    Keep an eye open for my emails! Thanks for commenting!


  3. 3 /*On January 10th, 2011*/, dj nappi said:

    i signed up for alamode’s xsite. after 2 years i received 4 orders. the last order i had from xsite it took 60 days to get paid. i called alamode for assistance they told me that’s not their responsibility. i’m done with alamode & xsite!!!

  4. 4 /*On January 11th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Yeah, that seems to be the way it is going with the xsites. Really poor performance. If you are looking for an alternative that will actually rank in the search engines, follow our newsletter and you will get advice on how to improve your search engine rankings. You can also visit http://www.appraiserwebsites.net to find out what it takes to have a top ranking appraiser website.



  5. 5 /*On January 11th, 2011*/, Fred said:

    After 18 years in business all my clients went out of business with the mortgage mess and bad economy. I went from a 6 figure income to 15K last year so I let my license lapse since I figured there was no way I could stay in business. At 57 years old it is hard to change careers. If you can show me a way to make a decent living in appraising again then I will reactivate my license and be forever grateful as I am eating through my savings pretty fast. Thank you.

  6. 6 /*On January 11th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    That was a shocker when everything changed so quickly. It took a lot of work to stay in business. I might be able to help you out if you let me know the market area you cover. I will do some research for you and let you know. Thanks!


  7. 7 /*On January 11th, 2011*/, Fred said:

    I am in Maryland. Send me an email if you have any suggestions. Thanks

  8. 8 /*On January 12th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    There should be a fair amount of work available within your market area. It really depends if you are ready to treat applying to appraisal management companies like a full time job. The first 40 appraisal management companies on my list are primarily national companies and send me 95% of my work.

    If you sign up to all of those within a week you should see work almost immediately. But if you go throughout the entire list as fast as possible, follow up and confirm you are properly set up in their system then you should be good to go.

    This is the slow time of year and most likely won’t totally improve until March, but I am still getting 10-20 requests a week and have to weed through them due to fee and complexity issues and I still complete 7-10 appraisals a week.

    You can see more about the list by searching this website or by visiting http://www.appraisalmanagementcompanies.org

    I know it would be quite expensive to get started again doing appraisals, but if you are a fast typist or you can get someone in your office to fill out all the applications and handle the application process for you, that might speed things up.

    Also, if you are located outside of Baltimore by more than 60 miles, you might consider getting a mailbox within Baltimore since most AMCs take in to consideration your proximity to the areas with the most work (actually per assignment, but most likely most of the orders will be in Baltimore).

    Thanks again for the feedback and hope I can help.


  9. 9 /*On January 12th, 2011*/, Fred said:

    Thanks Bryan. Actually I am in the Baltimore area. You have given me encouragement to get back in the game. Are you finding that the AMCs are paying “reasonable and customary” fees as prescribed by the financial reform law that was recently enacted? A few years ago when I tried to do AMC work, they were going with the lowest bidder. Customary fees are around $400 here and that hasn’t gone up in 10 years. I know appraisers that were doing BPOs for $50 and appraisals for $150 to compete. I really love appraising but I won’t try to compete with those low fees.

  10. 10 /*On January 14th, 2011*/, Elaine said:

    I too finally broke down and purchased the XSite, but have only seen one order…so I guess that paid for it and I did get a call from the New York Attorney General’s office for work where they found my name there. Of course those are about the only two things I have received in the past three months!! Well, almost. I’m interesting in how I can move away from mortgage work and get myself more into estate planning, division of assets (divorce), court ordered appraisals (conservatorships), personal information, etc. Any links that might be helpful or any advice?

  11. 11 /*On January 14th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    You need to first identify your primary keywords and then search for your CITYNAME appraiser, CITYNAME appraisal, CITYNAME appraisers, etc… You should at least show up on page 1 of google, bing and yahoo. If not, you will need a new website or try and figure out how you can fix your Xsite. Visit http://www.appraiserwebsites.net for info on our websites.

    If you are signed up to the Appraiser Marketing System (our newsletter), you will get a bunch of information on how to get more estate work. I will make a post soon all about it, but you primarily need to cold call attorneys and estate planners, get a top ranking website and post your information on online classified websites. I also like to cold call bail-bondsmen! FUN!

    I will be giving tons of information through the Appraiser Marketing System though! Emails will go out about once a week. Thanks!


  12. 12 /*On January 17th, 2011*/, Richard said:

    Thanks Bryan.

    You have my attention.


  13. 13 /*On January 17th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Excellent! I am sure you will find tons of information that will help to increase your business. Thank you!


  14. 14 /*On January 17th, 2011*/, grover martin said:

    I have one company sending me work and you compete for it…Provident Lending who has Lendervend. Pay is good….10 days after completion it is in bank. I had a great practice going….now I am dead in the water since the HVCC, change to Certified for FHA,ready to lose my home, my dad just died…it is very bad…depressing. Any help would be appreciated from anybody who has some ideas. I am in Richmond, VA.

  15. 15 /*On January 18th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I see the first problem already. If you have one company sending you work, you really need more.

    Some key questions to ask yourself:

    How many appraisal management companies have you signed up to in the past 12 months?

    – if it is less than 20, then you need a good list and to sign up to more. Check out my directory or search for some other available online. Others are cheaper, but mine is updated and has my top 40 AMCs that send me tons of work right at the top of the list. They are national companies, so they should have work in your area.

    How does your website rank for your primary keywords?
    You need to show up on the first page of results (top 10-20 results) to get estate work off the internet.

    Do you market to attorneys?
    You need to either have a top ranking website or market directly to attorneys that would need your services.

    I completely understand your situation and am very hard to hear of your loss. I was going through something very similar when I hit rock bottom and really had no choice to do whatever it took to bring in work. I learned a lot from my experiences and have been going strong.

    Please follow all the advice I give you in the Appraiser Marketing System / Bootcamp. If you signed up to the newsletter, then please keep in touch so I can help you out.

    But to get immediate work, you need to treat signing up to AMCs as a full time job. It will pay off quickly. If you type fast you might be able to apply to more than 10 a day!


  16. 16 /*On January 18th, 2011*/, Jim Scarduzio said:

    Hi Bryan

    I have been struggling for the past 2 years but I do love appraising and I am trying to stay with it. I feel that Estate, Divorce and tax appeal business is the way to go though I still want to do lender business. Any help your “Boot Camp” can provide is very welcome. I need more attorney exposure and hopefully your ideas will help me in that area. I look forward to your boot camp.

    Jim Scarduzio

  17. 17 /*On January 18th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    The Boot Camp / Appraiser Marketing System will definitely cover everything from getting the most out of appraisal management companies, how to get orders from attorneys for bankruptcy, divorce, date of death, partner dissolution, etc… as well as give you other ideas on people that need your services, like bail-bondsmen!

    Make sure you read all of the message though. I recently decided to post the first part to your email so you are reminded that there is a new task to be accomplished, or to get ready for an upcoming task.

    My emails were getting REALLY long and I was having problems with my email software so I split it up and now you finish reading on my blog here. Which is good because you can ask questions or post comments directly to the post.

    Look forward to helping you out!

    Thanks again,


  18. 18 /*On January 19th, 2011*/, Donald J. Martin, SCRP, RAA, GAA, CDEI said:

    I’ve had a lot of work from my own website over the years, it’s just one of multiple advertising tools that I use. Advertising in about a dozen phone books certainly has helped a lot as well. Various professional directories that I am in have also brought business to me. Using alamode was never attractive to me because every alamode site looks pretty much like every other alamode site. My website is not perfect, but I do not want to be like everybody else – very generic and nothing distinguishing. I suppose alamode my be good for a trainee, but not much else if any.

  19. 19 /*On January 20th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Sounds like you are doing all the right marketing! I agree with Alamode and how you approach your website. It doesn’t have to look beautiful and have all the bells and whistles, it just has to bring in orders.

    Thanks for the input!


  20. 20 /*On January 22nd, 2011*/, Mike said:


    I have xsite, and have only received one order from it. I need xsite for my delivery system to some AMC that I do business for, so it pays for itself in that manner.


  21. 21 /*On January 24th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    That is great. Did you have to find the AMC or did they find it for you? Also, how much do you have to pay on an annual basis? That would really help out. I need to break down and get one to see if I can also get the Xsites to rank well in the search engines and provide a FAQ for people with Xsites, there must be thousands with poor performing xsites. I am sure with a guide that will show people hot to optimize them, they might bring in some local estate work as well. Not sure if this is the case, but I need to look in to it.


  22. 22 /*On January 24th, 2011*/, Peter H Lazier said:

    I am a win total user and also use their xsite’s and mercury network which is their AMC site. I don’t find that my xsite is bringing in any real business but it does create a presence for me. I have used win total as my software vendor for about 10 years. The software is good, but the service I get when I need help or have a technical issue is outstanding.

    I have tried to search for AMC’s and have signed on with several but not seeing much return yet.

  23. 23 /*On January 24th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    How many AMCs have you signed up to, and where did you get their names? Thanks!

  24. 24 /*On January 26th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    That is great that you are happy with your Xsite. I would also look in to getting another website that will work with the search engines and bring you estate work. You have to show up on page 1 of google to see results. I get anywhere from 10-15 orders a month off my website. The best ones are the really complex appraisals and when an orginization needs 10+ properties to be appraised! Divorce and bankruptcy work is really hot right now and they can’t find you without a ranking website. Check out http://www.appraiserwebsites.net for more info. Thanks!


  25. 25 /*On January 24th, 2011*/, HometownCJ said:

    Brian, I have gotten a little work from them. One actually led to another AMC siginging me up.It is
    It is alright. THe big thing for me is to have the AI-Ready plug ins from them that
    allow me to do work for some clients that would not take my work if it were not in AI-Ready

  26. 26 /*On January 24th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thanks Chris!
    So they find appraisers through their system, or are you able to apply to a number of them at once?

    So it sounds like you have to have their appraisal software and a website with the ai-ready plugins for the system to work.

    Is that their $800 a year package?



  27. 27 /*On February 28th, 2011*/, Rigo! said:

    Great job! Alomode ws do not work!

  28. 28 /*On March 1st, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    From everything that I have heard, Alamode does not work at all for getting new clients/orders from either their order system or their websites. But people do like their appraiser software. With the crazy costs of ACI, I might even consider changing my software, but for some reason, it appears most of the AMCs I work with prefer ACI. I guess I will have have to look at software costs again.

  29. 29 /*On March 30th, 2011*/, Ray said:

    Bryan, I just finished reading some of the comments posted. I am in the exact same position as Fred (01/11/11). My income has also dropped to where I am barely keeping my head above water and my savings are depleting rapidly. I’ve been doing work for an AMC for the past 17 years and all of a sudden, my orders have dropped significantly. I found out from one of the local loan officers that this AMC has just added about 15 more appraisers to their roster thereby reducing the number of orders per appraiser. I have been approved by numerous AMC’s but I rarely get work from them. I would really like to know how to increase my business (just like most other appraisers).

  30. 30 /*On March 31st, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I am glad you are signed up to the Appraiser Marketing System. Just make sure to follow the marketing tips and advice and you will definitely see an increase in business. Also, if you haven’t applied to at least 20 AMCs in the past year, that is your #1 problem why you are not getting work. Buy a good list of AMCs and get started!

  31. 31 /*On May 18th, 2011*/, ALAN SNYDER said:

    Hi Bryon:
    I am with Alamode and Xsite. The Mercury Network is where I thought orders would come from, however, as many others have said, I haven’t received many orders just viewers. The website they “give you” can be edited to help you market your services better. After using some of their suggestions, I did get a few more onlookers but no orders. I am in the Philadelphia area and cover 5 counties there. I have sent my application to many of your AMC Co but no response except that they received my application. I have been in business for 20yrs now and have gone through the ups and downs of our industry. In the past (pre HVCC)I was able to go and solicit business the old fashion way (knocking on doors, taking contacts to lunch “just because I was in the area”, and calling contacts “just to say Hi” [putting my name & face in their minds]). However since HVCC, that practice has vanished. I guess the next step is to do kind of the same thing through the Internet. Please help target my market to get more business.

  32. 32 /*On May 18th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I used to do the same type of marketing that you did. The internet should be able to bring orders to you in your area. As you have probably read throughout my website, the Xsites are doomed from the very beginning with their non-targeted approach. Imagine your Xsite as a billboard in the middle of the desert. An occasional person flying over it might see it, but they probably won’t need your appraisal services.

    Lately I have been getting between 25-50% of my orders from the internet for estate purposes. You can find out more at http://www.appraiserwebsites.net.

    Regarding the AMCs, you really have to go through a complete list to see what is offered in your area. It is a huge pain in the butt, but if you need a full time income without getting a job with a large corporation, then you are kinda stuck.

    Keep reading my ‘Appraiser Marketing System’ emails and you will continue to get more AMC information, website and marketing techniques.



  33. 33 /*On July 5th, 2011*/, Anna said:

    Hi everyone…I was reading through the posts above and have a question. I live in an area that is considered rural. I am about 20 minutes from Greensboro, NC and want to know if it will help me to register my office address in Greensboro to get more work there and the surrounding counties I cover. I lived in Greensboro since 1995 but moved to the country about 2 years ago. Is this affecting me getting work from AMC’s? I am about as close to Virginia and I am to Greensboro so I wonder if the radius is affecting me getting work.

    Thank you!


  34. 34 /*On September 19th, 2011*/, Tracy said:

    I do use Alamode. So far so good. I am satisfied with the updated UAD addition to the URAR. I don’t know how it compares regarding price, but I pay the very lowest…$299 a year.

  35. 35 /*On January 16th, 2012*/, Jerry Brookshire said:

    I am just beginning to get in the game regarding soliciting internet orders. The reason I started looking was a call to a local credit union. They were advertising 10 year loans at 3.324% and they were busy. They use 3 AMC’s, one being Core Logic. I contacted them and their directions say you must have an X-site if you use Alamode software. I don’t have an X-site as of yet and based on comments previously posted wonder if it is worth it.

  36. 36 /*On March 12th, 2012*/, Tina said:

    I have an Alamode website because I feel I HAVE to have one; not really sure if it is working. I have had it for years! I tried Google, Yahoo pay per click and that is a waste of money. I really feel Alamode has strong armed me into the site and their annual fee is also like extortion. I am by no means a fan of Alamode except for their software which I feel is decent. I am paying for Alamode for the website, tech support, upload fee (or whatever $13.75 is for) and who knows what else. I really am not a penny pincher but sometimes I feel like anyone who wants a piece of my profit will find a way to charge me.
    I guess I am trying to find a way I can get more non lender work if nothing else the scope of work is as intense.

    Thanks for your time! Tina

  37. 37 /*On March 24th, 2014*/, John said:

    I’ve been using Alamode Wintotal software for many years and it works great. Their website xsite however, does not work. I also sign up with their Mercury Network (AMC like) and got maybe 1-2 orders per year for the last two years.

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