12th January 2011

Get Ready to Apply to the Appraisal Management Companies!

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Howdy Appraisers!

Ready to get started learning the techniques I use to get the most appraisal work as possible? I hope so because we are starting today!

It took me years to figure this out, but it is a really simple concept and will help you get approved with more Appraisal Management Companies.

A lot of appraisers don’t do this, but if you follow my advice, I can guarantee you will get more work.

More than 50% of the Appraisal Management Companies require a follow up visit to their website to complete your application process, to fax or upload more documents or to set up your coverage area.

Did you know if you miss any of these additional steps that you will not be set up and you will rarely, if ever be contacted to fix the errors?

That is how it works, and might be one of the reasons why you are not swamped with appraisal management company orders.

Follow these steps when signing up to Appraisal Management Companies:

1. Get organized for the submission process
2. Fill out AMC application completely
3. After you get the username/password to their website, log in and verify there is nothing missing.
4. Follow up (both on website and email) to confirm your account is active.

If you don’t get any orders within a month, either call or email the appraisal management company and make sure you are set up properly to receive orders.

Next week I will email you the sign up information for one of the appraisal management companies I first signed up with and still send me 5-7 requests a week.

If you wanted to get started before then, you can always get the latest updated directory of Appraisal Management Companies at

I want to cover these steps in detail first and will do that on my next email. It will really save you a lot of time when signing up to the appraisal management companies. Stay Tuned!


Bryan Knowlton
Appraiser Income

twitter- http://www.twitter.com/AMCDirectory
linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/appraiserincome

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  1. 1 /*On January 26th, 2011*/, Mike Masadeh said:

    I signed for evrey appraisal company i ever know, lots of companies but i have 0 work from them, I will try them again with your system, my website don’t work some times.

    Thank you

  2. 2 /*On January 26th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    How many have you signed up to? I would also consider getting a good list instead of applying to companies you have already signed up to. Our list has over 300+ AMCs, which will give you the ability to cherry pick your assignments.

    Visit http://www.appraisalmanagementcompanies.org for more Appraisal Management Companies information.



  3. 3 /*On March 11th, 2011*/, Don Peyton said:

    Looking for quality appraisal management companies. Companies that allow sufficient time to complete a quality appraisal report. Companies that are willing to pay a fair wage based on the scope of work, and difficulty of the assignment. I know there must be a few our there, finding them is difficult.

    The quanity of approvals with appraisal management companies doesnt interest me. I would prefer to work with a few good companies that prefer quality over speed. Companies that realize appraisers are grossly under paid in this market, and are willing to pay a fair wage for a proper appraisal report, adequate narrative comments to describe subject, comparables, and community issues, and a fully supported opinion of value. Dreaming in California

  4. 4 /*On March 17th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have to agree, it is difficult to find the best appraisal management companies out there that cover your market area. I sign up to all of them just so I can find out which ones work for me the best in my area. If you don’t already have a good list to sign up to, I would suggest getting our list and checking out the top 40 on the list first to see their fees and turn around requirements.


    Thank You,


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