18th February 2011

The Busy Appraiser #6 – Rolatape Measurer

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In this podcast I talk a little about my current appraisal assignment and some excellent tools I use to measure out properties.

To help get more people signed up to my Appraiser Marketing System and reward the appraisers that are currently signed up, every month I will be giving away one Rolatape MM-12 Measure Master at the end of each month.

This roller measurer rules! I can’t wait to start giving them out! The first one I give out will be on 02/28/2011. On the last day of each month I will continue to give out more roller measures until I decide to change to another give away.

So, if you have not signed up to the Appraiser Marketing System where I give you tons of free tips and advice on getting more appraisal orders, then sign up today!

Click Here to sign up!



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