1st April 2011

All Appraisal Management companies now paying FULL FEE APPRAISALS

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Wow! It is amazing. It looks like all the work banding together as an industry has worked. All the appraisal orders I received today were in the $300-$400 range! Dodd-Frank really came through on this one.

The federal government must have really put the scare in to the appraisal management companies and laid down the law.

The Appraisal Subcommittee even gave me a call back and sent out a few reply emails concerning my questions that were previously left unanswered prior to today, 04/01.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so opinionated regarding comments like ‘I won’t hold my breath’ and ‘business as usual’, etc…

Things really can be different, things really can change.

And on all days, it happened on 04/01. Wow! Amazing. I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

On a more serious note…. I got permission to reprint this article from WorkingRE.com

Below is an article I received from WorkingRE.com on the subject of Customary & Reasonable Fees. I have contacted the ASC, my local appraiser coalition and some other well informed appraisers about what we should do if your don’t have the same experience as I noted above.

I am currently looking from a definitive answer to questions regarding Dodd-Frank and if it completely unenforceable, a waste of time regarding ‘customary and reasonable fees’, and if we are going to need a law degree to get anywhere on this issue.

At this time I have no answers for you, but I will soon! Make sure to sign up to my Appraiser Marketing System for future updates. I will also be adding a ton of new ‘Busy Appraiser Podcasts‘ to Itunes today, so you can download them there or find them under Podcasts on my website.

Thanks again!

Happy April Fools Day! But make sure to read the article below from David.

Bryan Knowlton
Appraiser Income

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Challenging Low Fees

By David Brauner, Editor

As the April 1 implementation date of Dodd-Frank looms, attorneys at the Federal Reserve direct appraisers to a method for challenging low fees (see last issue: Customary Fees: Good, Bad and Uncertain). Here’s where to find the information.

According to Federal Reserve Board attorneys, Section 312(c) of Dodd-Frank (reprinted below), lays out which agencies regulate which types of transactions- this is the “where” to properly file complaints. It revises section 3 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

Section 1100 (A)(8) of Dodd-Frank (below) sheds light on the authority under which provisions of the Act are enforced. This Section revises the enforcement provisions of the Truth in Lending Act (with cross references the FDI Act), according to a Board spokesperson.

With implementation of Dodd-Frank only a few days away a new chapter begins. A Federal Reserve Board attorney told WRE in a recent interview that according to the Interim Final Rule (IFR) recent market fees do not necessarily meet the first presumption of compliance (customary). The Board attorney said, “Someone can rebut the presumption(s) of compliance with evidence that a fee is not reasonable or customary for a reason other than a condition addressed in a presumption of compliance. What evidence supports an allegation depends on the facts and circumstances of a particular case. The rule addresses compensation paid in a particular geographic market.’” (Read the article here: Fed Board Update: Customary and Reasonable Fees.)

The language addressing how and where to rebut low fees is reprinted below. In an interview at the release of the IFR, a Board attorney also pointed to the following language from the IFR, which she seemed to interpret as also reinforcing the notion that recent fees do not necessarily meet the “customary” test under the first presumption: “[T]he Board understands that some AMCs have begun requiring fee appraisers to agree that the fee is ‘customary and reasonable’ as a condition of obtaining the appraisal assignment. In these situations, the Board believes that an appraiser’s agreement that a fee is ‘customary and reasonable’ is an unreliable measure of whether the fee in fact meets the statutory standard.”

Appraisers are reporting, with greater regularity now as we move nearer to the Dodd-Frank implementation date, receiving inquiries from AMCs as to what their “customary and reasonable fees” will be come April 1. Many appraisers are tapping into the Working RE/OREP.org survey results for data. The penalties for noncompliance are stiff: $10,000 for each day any such violation continues and $20,000 civil penalties for subsequent violations. For many appraisers, of course, a return to customary and reasonable fees means staying in business.

WorkingRE.com is published by OREP.org, providing low-cost E&O insurance for appraisers, agents/brokers and other real estate professionals.

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  1. 1 /*On April 1st, 2011*/, RWI said:

    Well RELS (Valuation Support Services) which is owned by Wells Fargo call today stating they had an FHA appraisal to be done and if I would be interested. I said sure, and then asked if my fee was $255. I said no that’s what RELS was forcing me to take. They then asked what would the fee be, I said $300 would be more than reasonable. The said they would get back to me. Guess what? No call back. They obvisously are shopping around for the lowest fee they can get. Who can i notify about this ongoing practice?

  2. 2 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    It seems most of my time lately has been negotiating fees with the appraisal management companies. What a real pain.


  3. 3 /*On April 1st, 2011*/, Payback Is Hell said:

    You’ve got to be kidding me….right?
    I smell Bull Sheep in this article.

  4. 4 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Payback is Hell,
    Yes, it was an april fools article. I guess we are turning out to be the fools in this whole scenario. I got more requests with lower fees on April 1st than before. I was really kinda surprised that most of the AMCs would use April 1st to lower their fees.


  5. 5 /*On April 2nd, 2011*/, April fool appraiser said:

    Good for you, but Corelogic has taken the stand of presumption one. I rec’s 2 orders yesterday and they where at the same low price as before. I feel screwed, but fear if I submit a complaint, I will lose business from them. Is it safe to report them?? Does anyone know if appraisers protected?? Last I hear we are not.

  6. 6 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Yeah, that was an April Fools joke. At this point I do not have any idea who we are supposed to contact regarding Dodd-Frank. But I will let you know as soon as I find out!


  7. 7 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, Barry Howell said:

    I disagree. The Corelogic fee schedule for this area is $245 for a URAR. How is that customary or reasonable? This is just another shining example of the government getting involved in the free market, and making it worse.

    HVCC was wrong and so is Dodd-Frank, because neither makes a real difference, unless you count the assault on the appraiser’s income. Like all change promised by government, it is NEVER as good as they say it’s going to be.

  8. 8 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    That was an april fools joke… on us… April 1st came and went and all we saw was a rush by the appraisal management companies to lower their fees.


  9. 9 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, Mark Needham said:

    I have received two “updated” Fee Schedules, one from Landsafe and the other from Corelogic. The suggested Fee for a 1004 is 295 and 245 respectively. I find this a slap in the face to the Appraisal Industry.
    Having worked with Appraisal Management Companies for many years, I have been blessed with a relatively steady flow of business that has made the dramatic reduction in Fee’s I receive almost tolerable. Since the catastrophe of 2008 and the implementation of HVCC I have seen a steady decimation of the Appraiser Roster due to the required additional “firewalls” (AMC’s), and the gutting of the Fee’s received by the Appraiser. These challenges have been exacerbated by dramatic increases in the Cost of Doing Business, Reporting Requirements and Required Tenure. Ongoing increases in Software Requirements, Data Access Fee’s (MLS or otherwise), Unnecessary and Usurious Portal Fee’s (ie; AppraisalPort), Fuel Costs, Insurance, etc. have made it impractical for many Appraisers to stay in business and builds a wall preventing new Appraisers from entering the Profession. While I embrace increased levels of Competency, Tenure, and Reporting, this must be followed with an increase in Remuneration.

    The updated Fee Structures recently received are at best a slap in the face to the Profession I am privileged to be a part of. If the Lending Industry is truly interested in encouraging a higher level of Competence, and more Accuracy in Real Estate Valuations, I must strongly encourage a significant reevaluation of the Fee Schedules that has been proposed.

    Pre-HVCC, the Typical/Standard Fee for a Single Family Appraisal was $350.00. This Base Fee is well documented and sadly had not changed in the prior 20 Years! The proposed increase that claims to conform to the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, suggests a Base Fee of $245-295 for my Home Market of Austin, TX. This is at best, disappointing. The proposed Fee Structure is blatantly Inadequate, especially when combined with the $10.00 per report being “stolen” by AppriasalPort when their portal (data theft) is required. I respectfully request that the AMC communityt seriously reconsider the type of relationship they wish to have with the Appraiser Community as we go forward, and establish a more equitable Fee Schedule that suggests a level of Respect and provides for a Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship with the Appraisal Profession.

  10. 10 /*On April 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Yeah, unfortunately my April 1st post was an April Fools joke on our industry. Something has to be done. We need a way to really get together as an industry and attack this problem with great strength. How one amc can charge $175 and another $300 for the same appraisal really makes no sense at all. April is turning out to be one of my worst months when it comes to working with the appraisal management companies. I will keep everyone updated on what I find out. I have a call out to the lawyers with the appraiser coalition I am signed up with. If you are a member of a coalition, possibly now is the time to find out what the lawyers are saying.

    Thank you,



  11. 11 /*On April 5th, 2011*/, Mike said:

    The joke is on us and it has been for a while. We got a huge increase from Core logic in parts of Massachusetts. For a 1004 they went from $195 all the way up to $215. Pretty sweet isn’t it. Now I really feel like I’m being paid fairly. Not! The $195 doesn’t even include the 1004MC which they try to nickel and dime you for that as well. They include it right in the order so you basically get nothing for it. I though all the experts said we would probably get an additional $50 for the extra work included with the????? I guess not. I wonder how many discussions they had to determine that. Maybe like this..

    Mgt Co President… Well board, how much do you think we should raise the 1004 fee’s to?”
    Board member 1 ….I think we should go to at least $300 because they are doing a lot of extra work as well as doing the 1004 MC. We want quality appraisers. We should be able to pass the additional fee to the lender/borrower and they would want the best quality and most accurate appraisals.


    President……Are you crazy? We shouldn’t even raise it. Screw them its about home much money we can make and what it will do for our profits. We provide a lot of service for the 50% of the fee we take.


    Board member 3. Good one boss!!

    Board member 2 I’m with you Mr. President. They don’t have a choice…we have all the work so they will take what we give them. The government has given this to us on a silver platter. Lets make the money now because they may get things changed down the road and we will actually have to pay them reasonable fees. Ha Ha Ha HA


    Board member 1….If we pay those fees then we will get the bottom of the barrel inexperienced appraisers. It could cause a problem down the road for us.

    Board member 2… Who cares. we can deal with that down the road. Lets make the profit now.

    President….Now that we make them put in a copy of the E&O we can just let the lenders go after the appraisers down the road. We have a good law firm. They will take care of the issue and make the appraiser E&O insurance companies pay for any problems.

    Board member 1… I disagree. We don’t really do they much for the 50% of the fee. Sure we say we are doing the billing and checking the reports over and do all the automation but we all know most billing is automated now, an appraiser can probably get someone to review their reports for $10 or $15, maybe less and there are software companies that appraisal companies can buy that tie them right into many of the lender systems. Even some of the appraisal software companies have been setup to upload the appraisal directly to lenders from the appraisers.

    Board member 4… I agree. We really don’t do all that much for what we make but as long as we keep that in house then we should be fine.

    President….Board member 1 if you are going to be difficult we can remove you from the meeting. Our people have pushed the government to give them as little as possible. Between the lender lobbyist and ours they cant do a thing. We will always find someone to do them at the ridiculous fee’s, we will make a tone of cash and get big bonuses this year. Lets get this finished.

    Board member 2….I say we go up to $225, it sounds better and a little more “reasonable”.

    President….Lets make it $215. It’s over $200 and sounds higher so it will look better for the lenders and they can say that we have raised the fees for our appraisers so that they can make a fair living.

    Board member 2…I agree then Sir.

    President…All in favor of $215?

    Board member 1 (Oh wait…he was removed from the room)

    Board member 3…That includes the 1004MC right? We don’t want to pay anything to them for that. We can just pretend its like the extra comps and other things we make them do?

    President…Correct. All in favor?

    Entire Board….Yes

    President…Then its decided…$215 for a 1004 including the MC addendum.


    Thats how I see it going down. They could care less about us. Maybe appraisers should all write, call and email the boards/board members of all the banks and lenders? I once had a problem with the gas co and they weren’t moving fast enough for November in New England. I looked online and got the president and a few other email addresses and shot off a few messages about no heat…. You would not believe how many people were calling me to solve the problem within an hour. Maybe if a few thousand of us email and call them and said I know you are paying $350 or more…and the mgt co’s all have deals for higher fee’s with higher estimates of value (that they never offer to share with the appraiser) Maybe these presidents have no idea that we are getting screwed. There are tens of thousands of appraisers and many of us have loans and accounts with these lenders. Just an idea…. If we do nothing we are screwed and the fees will keep going down. It may take a while but eventually the $215 will be back to $195 again.

  12. 12 /*On April 7th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thanks for the feedback on this. It really is a sad day.


  13. 13 /*On April 5th, 2011*/, Michael Haines said:

    I have to say, receiving the new lower rates from CoreLogic was the sickest day since HVCC was enacted in 2008 when I suddenly found myself with no clients after years of hard work getting them, and the choice of leaving the industry, or acquiring new clients that could care less about me, and pay factory worker fee’s. I will sign up with any reasonable effort to fight for the rights the OREA/Appraisal Institute should have been fighting for us all along.

  14. 14 /*On April 7th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have to agree. I received lower fee requests from 2 AMCs on April 1st. I emailed them asking who I need to speak with regarding ‘customary and reasonable Dodd-Frank’ issues, but they have never contacted me again.


  15. 15 /*On April 5th, 2011*/, LVAppraisers said:

    This is the biggest joke, Core Logic had originally the lowest fees in the united states and I received their latest fee increase (it is lower now than before). Someone please tell me whom I need to complain to, how can we let these people get away with robbing us. If anyone knows of any phone#’s or e-mails that I can contact I will be glad to write/call and complain about Core Logic and others.

    Thank you KJ

  16. 16 /*On April 7th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I will let you know as soon as I find out on who is to receive notification of appraisal fees that are far below ‘customary and reasonable’.


  17. 17 /*On April 5th, 2011*/, Kenn said:

    My thoughts are as professionals we need to have fees related to billable hours.
    What range should a professional real estate appraiser(not a form filler,)but a market analyst bill per hour. Would $50.00 per hour be reasonable to cover overhead and pay yourself. Multiply that times the 10 to 15 hours it takes to do a fresh URAR. The subject and comparable sales field inspection can take 3 or 4 hours with traffic in my area. Plus fielding all the phone calls. “Is it done yet, is it done yet”? Well thats $500 to $750 for a SFR or CONDO. I now proclaim these to be the “Reasonable and Customary” base fees subject to local and regional multipliers.
    Simple , fair and done.

  18. 18 /*On April 7th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have to agree, we are not currently getting the proper fee for a skilled job.


  19. 19 /*On April 6th, 2011*/, BOYCOTT AMCS said:




  20. 20 /*On April 6th, 2011*/, April fool appraiser said:

    Saw this on a blog. Sounds right to me:
    Duties include: Good phone and computer skills, proficient with the internet. You will be responsible for consistent contact with AMCs to update your schedule, accept orders, document any fee increase requests. After the AMC’s refusal, you will be responsible for documenting the date of the AMC’s decline due to the fee increase, and the date of the AMC’s cancellation of the order. In addition, you will be responsible for scheduling appraisal appointments, updating the AMCs on any changes in appointment dates, do the inspection, write the report, deliver the report, produce billing statements, respond to all AMC quality control requests, and explain that the answers were already addressed in the report, and/or take the time to explain appraisal fundamentals to the AMC reviewer. Keep track of accounts receivables on monies that you are not earning interest on for the duration period from when the money was collected by AMC until received.
    In addition to the tasks outlined above, any persons seeking this position are responsible for maintaining, at your own expense and time, payables/recievables accounts, budgeting, reconciliation of bank statements, creating profit and loss statements, maintaining all office services and equipment, such as the phones, utilities, and replacement of equipment; such as computers, printers, measuring devices, desks, cameras, ink, paper. You will also be required to pay all your personal insurances (E & O, medical and dental, etc.) and license costs, all costs from softeware providers, such as MLS, X-site, public records data services, and all your own vehicle maintenance and/or new vehicle purchase costs. .
    We offer a great bonus program where you will be responsible for consistent solicitation of all the wonderful new business and additional income opportunities/avenues, the new regulations have allowed appraisers to seek. This includes making new contacts with AMCs for additional work, then documenting ALL the reasons why they are not accepting any additional appraisers at this time, and recording the number of months where you did sign-up with an AMC, but have received no work. Note: Solicitation to any of your prior and new mortgage brokers/real estate agents is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to do so, will result in immediate dismissal. You must be able to bring new creative new ideas to promote additional income. This will be a challenge, for the above reasons and because the Frank -Dodd Act and the other regulatory policies allowed the banks to hire their own staff appraisers. This section was not defined nor did they restrict it to hiring appraisers for review purposes only. As a result, there is less available appraisal work for independent appraiser. Note: Allowing the banks to own AMCs and hire appraisers, resulted in the banks being allowed back into the appraisal ordering process. It defied the whole concepted of HVCC and took away a huge portion of the independent appraiser’s potential income who have be forced to work only with AMCs. However, this is all it’s OK, because the concensus of our elected representatives, who “fine tuned” the Frank-Dodd and other policies, is that the banks are more honest than mortage brokers and by having staff appraisers doing most of the banks appraisal business keeps all the profits in-house. Please note, in regard to creative new ideas for addtional income, that robbing a bank for the recovery of all lost income since the implimentation of HVCC, is not a NEW creatve idea. This avenue has already been explored and considered. Research revealed that it is legal for banks to rob appraisers, but an appraiser who robs a bank to get their money back, is not. It results in JAIL TIME. However, most surveys indicated that the free meals, free housing, the idea of having no overhead, and time to relax is very appealing to MOST appraisers these days .
    Other noted requirements, conditions, and considerations before apply:
    1) Report turn around time is first priority. High quality appraisals is not.
    2) Must be willing to lose your house and all your savings, if not already lost, and all asperations for retirement. If you are a parent or plan to be a parent, you need not apply, because children just cost too much.
    3) Trainees need not apply, because the AMC system does not promote the growth of the appraisal industy. The banks are waiting for all current appraisers to die out, so they can take over the industry.
    4) Do not expect any fee increases for cost of living or for any increases in your operational costs. The fees are ” fixed” and controlled by the AMCs. Only an act of God can change this. Just accept this, for you’ll be working too many hours to waste your time in church praying and/or fighting City Hall.
    5) Due to the AMC notorious bidding process, expect to see high-end and complex appraisal fees to be lower than a “fixed” survey appraisal fee. This was an issue that the writers of the Frank-Dodd and other regulatory Acts neglected to address, so it’s must not be really important.
    Office rules:
    Any reference to being a professional or appraising as a profession, spoken, written or implied will result in immediate termination. It makes the office staff cry, and there really isn’t any time to mourn what is dead and gone.
    Since the approval of the Frank-Dodd act and other regulatory policies, any reference or claims that you are a “small services business” will be considered a lie and result in immediate dismissal. You do not have a small service business. A small service business in America, is allowed to set their own prices, control the volume of work, and solicit anyone or any avenue for potential new clients. Appraisers are not allowed to have same rights as other Americans.
    Must be able to work 24/7. Any requests for vacation or holidays will be denied. This is in your best interest, because you really you can’t afford them anyway.
    Must be able to ignore all of USPAPs regulations and standards. The AMCs and banks now dictate the rules. They are the “Higher Gods ” now. This includes “value” pressure. Although the writers of the Frank -Dodd and other newly adopted regulations/policies feel the AMCs are a great firewall, they all “forgotten” and/or “ignored” the fact that AMCs compete for business, just like the appraiser used to do. If the AMC is not “HITTING” the desired values, they will lose their client base, thus income. This just cannot happen, and is not considered “value pressure” at the AMC level. Therefore, to assist them, you must agree to change the value on any appraisal to the value the AMC or bank needs, change any subject data they don’t like, ignore your selected comparables and use only their “suggested comparables” for the report. It is ok, because these type of “suggestions and AMC/bank required changes” for a appraisal report are not considered “pressure” in the Frank-Dodd Act or Fannie Mae. Failure to do this will result in being blacklisted by the AMCs and immediate termination of this position. Remember since being “FORCED” to work with AMCs, with now minimal avenues for income, getting and continued work from an AMC is MORE important, than a “silly” litttle push on value or false information per the AMCs requests/suggestions. We feel risking a violation of UPAPs is better avenue vs being blacklisted and losing income the AMC. We understand it is a choice between violating UPAPs vs feeding your families.
    Complaining in any form, written or spoken, within the office area regarding any AMCs failure to follow the established regulations and rules is prohibited. Any written complaint to the established reporting agencies is forbidden. This is for your safety. Although the Frank-Dodd Act and other regulatory policies provided avenues for AMCs and others to report on any fraudulant appraiser behavior, it provided no “safe” avenue for appriasers to do the same. No one bothered to provide protection for an appraiser from AMC repurcussions.
    Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by.
    DISCLOSURE: Please note that compensation for your services will be ZERO, and because you have many expenses, your income will be much less than ZERO.

  21. 21 /*On April 7th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Very interesting letter! Where did that come from!?


  22. 22 /*On April 8th, 2011*/, michelle said:

    FTC and OCC to file complaints, it helps if you have a copy of the order as well as multiple third party fee schedules. For C & R issues: Call Margaret McCloskey Shanks, Associate Secretary & Ombudsman at the Federal Reserve. Her direct line is (202) 452-3584. She has heard from a few appraisers but needs to hear from more

  23. 23 /*On April 8th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Excellent! That is a good place to start. I will get more details and post them here as soon as possible.


  24. 24 /*On April 8th, 2011*/, Retired Appraiser said:



  25. 25 /*On April 8th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Retired Appraiser,
    That is easier said than done. When the majority of work comes from the AMCs, appraisers need to work for them to make a living. Not all AMCs are bad. We must BOYCOTT LOW FEES! But we have to do this as a group. But how can you tell an appraiser, that can barely feed his family, to refuse low fees. He might be making $25 or so an hour, but unable to get a higher paying job. It is a very difficult situation. We need to unify.

  26. 26 /*On April 9th, 2011*/, Retired Appraiser said:

    Forget about unions. People hate them.

    If you are truly interested in fighting the injustice that banks have forced upon homeowners and appraisers (HVCC and the Dodd Frank April Fool’s Prank) here is how you do it.

    We are in the process of creating a web site for NATIONAL APPRAISER’S AMC BOYCOTT to provide a centralized location for appraisers to vote on a solution. It is not a union. We are not collecting money. Our intent is to fry AMCs like a kid with a gigantic magnifying glass by focusing the attention of appraiser’s nationwide on a boycott date. Once we do this the national media will take care of frying the ants the rest of the way.

    How do we do it without money? It’s simple, we will harnass the power of the internet, use network marketing (each appraiser tells 10 other appraisers), and bring in the national media once we have collected enough names from appraisers who are fed up with being raped on a daily basis. All we need is enough money for a web site (and we have that already).

    Tired of waiting on Congress or your “professional organizations” to fix the problem? Then consider discussing it with a group with one goal: Frying AMCs…Permanently.

    The web site is not functional yet. If interested in joining or learning more write to me at davidf104@aol.com All we need is your name and email address for now so we can add you to the database of those to be contacted.

  27. 27 /*On April 12th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I was going to start the same thing. I will let you know when I have my website up as well. I already have a way to easily collect and manage all the names and a lot of exposure. Thanks!


  28. 28 /*On April 12th, 2011*/, Dave in Orange said:

    I questioned on a fee for a 1004 orddr request received from RELS on April 1. they sent the order with the same old LOW fee as before Dodd-Frank. They said that they were in compliance with Dodd-Frank as they are paying me what I had been getting before, thus RELS is compliance as the fees are considered Customary
    and Reasonable…April Fools Day….guess who are the fools. Who is going to keep thses guy honest. By the way, I haven’t received an order since
    I questioned their fees.

  29. 29 /*On April 12th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Check out my most recent post. Sounds like we have 3 or more years to wait on this issue if handled by the government. Most likely nothing will pan out either way. Time for a boycott with national exposure.



  30. 30 /*On April 16th, 2011*/, Retired Appraiser said:

    If you are an appraiser who didn’t enjoy the latest Appraiser Fool’s hoax (C & R Fees) considering visiting the following site:


    Warning: This is not another lazy man’s petition with no teeth. This one requires a little work on the part of the appraiser. By signing the petition you’ve stated that you’ve had enough of the crap and you’re willing to put your career on the line to shut down the mortgage market if required to reclaim your fees and your rights.

  31. 31 /*On April 26th, 2011*/, Laura said:

    The problem is all you appraisers out there accepting assignments at these pathetically low fees. Why would anyone pay more if they can get it done for less? Its all you scrappers out there that are destroying this profession. Have some self respect!

  32. 32 /*On April 27th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I really can’t agree with you here. The problem is ‘all you’ appraisers… All the appraisers are not accepting low fees, I believe it is actually a small number of appraisers that are accepting low fees. It is the AMC stronghold that is causing those appraisers to accept low paying fees to make a living. Are you getting involved, or do you just call less fortunate appraisers names? These are your fellow appraisers. You have to get involved to make change. If you don’t have the time, at least report them. I will even do the paperwork for you. Report low paying appraisal management companies at http://www.notcustomaryandreasonable.com

  33. 33 /*On May 2nd, 2011*/, Randy said:

    I may be wrong here, but when I was reading the Dodd-Frank bill, it says AMC’s are exempt. That would be the real issue. How did they pull that off? (lobbyist) They dont have to pay us reasonable fees. Our local mls even had a seminar on it with a so called real estate guru who said nothing is going to change. We need it “real” law to do anything.

  34. 34 /*On May 4th, 2011*/, James Tracey said:

    DODD FRANK was an Aprils Fool Joke on appraisers. We have been getting shafted all year with low ball fees. The AMCS are ripping off appraisers and consumers big time. The “customary and reasonable fees” if paid are now too low for the scope creep that has occurred. The inability of reviewers to excercise common sense insures we lose money on every other report. The junior appraiser moved recently. Just as well, as there is not enough work. I am now a one person office for the first time in more than ten years. There is no way I would hire an assistant or trainee in the current environment. The pending Uniform Data Set will make matters worse. I can’t wait to retire.

  35. 35 /*On May 10th, 2011*/, Dalton said:

    too have a comment about RELS, As of 04/01/2011 I asked for a lousy $25 increase for all REO products, which they agreed to without hesitation. As of yesterday I had not received one REO order from RELS, after 2 years of getting 2-3 a week. So yesterday I called my RELS handler, after asking at least two times before in the last month,is it my fee why I’m not getting work,of course he said no,so late yesterday I had him change my 1004/REO fee back to $225 at 4pm EST,by 9pm I received 2 orders. Also all engagement, or printable order forms from now states, by accepting this assignment you are acknowledging that the indicated appraiser fee is a customary and reasonable fee.

  36. 36 /*On May 10th, 2011*/, Margie in NC said:

    FYI … If you work for RELS … check for the fine print before accepting. The last 3 appraisal requests I received from RELS contained a new comment hidden well within the assignment guidelines. It reads ” By accepting this assignment you are acknowledging that the indicated appraiser fee is a “customary and reasonable” fee in the market area of the subject property.” I didn’t even realize the comment was there until after I accepted the assignments. I feel this is an underhanded tactic and am currently awaiting a call from the regional manager to discuss removing this comment from my orders. I have a feeling I know how that discussion will go.

  37. 37 /*On May 10th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I think this might be illegal. Please create a PDF if possible and email it to me appraiser@quickerservice.com, I will make sure to strip all of your information, order information, etc… You might need to do a print screen. Thanks!

    Bryan appraiser@quickerservice.com

  38. 38 /*On June 27th, 2011*/, Ben said:

    Use this link if you want to report the low-ball fee appraisal management companies. http://notcustomaryandreasonable.com/appraiser/26. I don’t know how much good it will do but I have been doing it.

  39. 39 /*On September 30th, 2011*/, Cathy said:

    I have not done mortgage work since 5/09. I refuse to work for the low fess and fast turn times. I have had some orders, told them the fee would be $400-%500. I did receive orders, but upon reading the requirements turned them down. I take that back, my biggest client, American Interbanc’s AMC let me do some, but not for the $450 COD, now it was $350 paid every two weeks. Guess I was too expensive. I have been an appraiser for 30 years, I have had both the IFA and CRP designations. I refuse to work for anyone telling me, what I should do, when it will be done and worse yet, how much I will be paid. The problem is all the appraisers willing to work like slaves. Where is your honor? Maybe it didn’t take you as long as it took me to get started. I was very proud that I was a PROFESSIONAL APPRAISER. Now I’m ashamed of all the rats, whores and all the rest that are so quick to jump ship. Where is you back bone? There would be higher fees etc. if we all stuck together. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to tell these companys to stick it. The last call that I received asked my fee. I quoted $450, (which had been our C&U fees for what? Twenty years?) I accepted the order and upon receiving it, there was a fee on the order of something totally stupid. I called and complained, immediately received an email with the $450 on it. Spent two hours researching and the next AM, they cancelled. I sent them an invoice for $120, my time for the research. With a few, well, many bad words about the company. The voice mail that I recieved back was chilling. DO NOT THREATEN THESE COMPANIES. Anyway, I don’t think they will call again. I which all appraisers would just take one month off. We have been talking about a union for a long time. At least join an association. I served two years as state director, two as pres and two and two as VP, plus sec, treas. I have given my heart and soul to this profession and I am so ashamed of all of you out there going along with this. Where is you spine? I don’t think anyone of you can afford NOT to take a month off. Lets say, 4/1/12 start date? Start saving and lets get it done, or forever be ashamed, hold your head down as you do to the rest of us, that do really care. If not now, when? We used to figure, 8 hours per appraisal +/-. At $200 per appraisal that works out to a gross and I mean GROSS. Forget at about gas, wear and tear on your car, insurance, E&O, MLS, Metroscan, ads, paper and other office supplies, self insurance tax, income tax and we are talking below minimum wage. START SAVING, GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR FOR A REAL JOB AND LETS BOYCOTT FROM 4/1/12 TO 5/1/12. Don’t worry that someone might take your clients, you don’t want them anyway and the fools that keep working are idiots anyway and when they do take your clients be proud. THEY WILL NOT BE AROUND VERY LONG. LET THEM DROWN. If you don’t belong to you state coalition, join and support it. In WA we have ACOW, a very active coalition that even has it’s own lobbyist. If your state has a list serve to notify you of all pending and passed law, join that too. Earlier this year I found out that they had accidently included at $150 per year increase in state license fees. I replied to all those in my district about it, and they were able to remove it prior to passage. GET INVOLVED. We gave credit to ACOW (appraisal coalition of washington). Very active, I think we were the first state to license loan officers. We we also on the forfront for state license, among a huge list of others. You have likely read about us in Appraisal Today. If you don’t receive that, get on the list and get on as many others as you can. Can we say UNITED APPRAISERS? Get it done. It woun’t work unless we all do it. Join the ERC, contact lawyers, (I do many estate appraisals) also there are Accountants that need appraisers. Start marketing in those areas to sustain you during our strike. Many of you are to young to recall that an appraiser came in “low” on a home in CO. the homeowner worked for the IRS. Next thing that happended was that every appraiser in CO was audited. I can’t recall her name, but a congress person (Pat) came to the rescue. If they can and still are screwing appraisers, we have no other choice. Join me, and April Fools to them. Thank you, Cathy

  40. 40 /*On February 20th, 2012*/, Kevin Talbott said:

    One way Clear Capital is justifying their $225.00 dollar fee for a 1004 in Monroe County is by using their historical data to support a median fee. They refuse to provide the data, I think they have to be including the mainaland in their survey. Appraisers from the mainland(Miami-dade) do work for a lower fee. I still dont understand why they work for $225.00. I was charging $295.00 in 1986 when I started in Miami. Is there some way I can force this company to show their survey or somewhere I can report them?

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