3rd June 2011

Have you noticed an increase in appraisal orders?

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FINALLY! Is all I have to say…

I don’t know what happened in April 2011 other than the customary and reasonable hoax going down on us, but it was also a near end of my appraisal orders from appraisal management companies.

Well, it seems like near the end of last week and all this week I have had a steady stream of appraisal requests coming to my in box. I still have to toss out half of the requests or place calls or send emails requesting increases in fees, but for the most part appraisal orders seem to have a little increase.

I hope this is only the beginning!

The 2011 Appraisal Management Company directory is available for purchase off my website as well. The list has over 300 appraisal management companies listed with the first 40 being the ones that send me the majority of my work.

Most of them are national, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting work from them, but of course fees vary by region and I have no idea what fees are across the nation.

Let me know if you have seen a recent surge in appraisal orders coming in from the appraisal management companies by using the comment box below.



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  1. 1 /*On June 3rd, 2011*/, Michael Sites said:

    I have not seen any increase in my workload. I need to increase my appraisal orders and need to know what to do?

  2. 2 /*On June 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Just make sure to sign up to my appraiser marketing system on the right side of each of my website pages. That gives tons of appraiser marketing tips and advice for free. The next step is to follow all the advice and tips, it really brings in the work!


  3. 3 /*On June 3rd, 2011*/, Michelle Ruhl said:

    No increase, but rather a significant decrease in orders. My understanding is that there are parts of the country that have seen an increase. But the Portland Metro area of Oregon has seen a decline.

  4. 4 /*On June 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    There is a lot of activity in my area, so maybe that spurred the change in orders. I just hope it holds out. Good luck up there!


  5. 5 /*On June 3rd, 2011*/, Allen said:

    Still in the middle of a drought here. Hope it rains soon or my wife will force me to work at Home Depot.

  6. 6 /*On June 4th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have been there and done that as well. After working for them probably 20 years ago I thought I could get a job there a few years back. Tip: do not list all your real experience and qualifications. Turns out I was ‘over qualified’, which really means they are afraid you are just going to quit after 6 months if you find a better job. But hopefully things will pick up! Make sure your website shows up in the search engines and keep applying to AMCs and verifying your info with the old ones. Also, get VA approved if not already and maybe look in to relocation work if you are in an area where that would work.


  7. 7 /*On June 8th, 2011*/, Retired Appraiser said:

    Merely a result of dropping rates (similar to a few months ago). It has nothing to do with Dodd (Dud) Frank. Once it’s over it will be slower than ever. A new poll is showing that the housing recovery may take until 2014 to take hold. I expect that it’s right. We’ll see a few more spikes when they print more money but the far side of this 10 year recession will be much more painful than the down side.

  8. 8 /*On July 11th, 2011*/, William said:

    Don’t know that I’ll see anymore AMC work now that i have been informed from seveal of my best AMC clients that CitiMortgage has put me on the do no use list. Talked to other appraisers with this same problem and basically they are going out of business. Any ideas?

  9. 9 /*On July 19th, 2011*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have not heard of this issue. I really would not know where to turn. Any other appraisers have any feedback?

  10. 10 /*On August 31st, 2011*/, Appraiser said:

    LandSafe Appraisal Services, Inc. (LandSafe), a “Bank of America”-affiliated company, is an industry leader in providing nationwide valuation products and services to Bank of America National Association and its affiliates, as well as other residential mortgage lenders.

    Why AMC The “Banks” Own Them, you will need to do what they tell you or No Work!!!!!!! Y is this ?? anyone please

  11. 11 /*On November 5th, 2011*/, Paul Thompson said:

    It has been a tough ride, some of the AMC’s gave me a real whipping, with PCV Murcor leading the pack, I will never work for them again. However, new orders in the Dallas area have picked up with fee’s being around $350.00 It is looking good. I also bought the website from Bryan, but do not know how to add it to search engines (whatever that means) so I have not received anywork from that……The actual paychecks from the appraisals I have done recently is still real slow, which leaves me in a pickle with my creditors. They holdout on paying way too long, not fair…1-2 weeks should be plenty, especially since thay have already been paid upfront…I have been noticing a better attitude from the AMC’s, a little bit more understanding. Navigating through all the AMC websites and UAD changes, among other changes has been challenging. If you can’t beat’m, join’m!

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