22nd July 2011

Appraisal Management Companies & Non-AMC Work

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These are the top 2 ways that I make most of my income and reach my monthly goals.

With all the ups and downs with work flow coming form the Appraisal Management Companies, luckily my website brings in a fair amount of work.

You can easily follow in my footsteps and get a ton of appraisal work.

Step #1 – Sign up to all 300 AMCs on my 2011 AMC Directory.

– you must treat this like a full time job. Luckily the top 40 on my list should bring you the majority of your work, but since I still get quite a few orders from a bunch of the other AMCs on the list, I really suggest signing up to all of them.

– you can pay someone part time to apply to all the AMCs while you work on appraisals, etc… Hire someone from craigslist.org

– I guarantee you will get work or get 100% of your money back

– appraisers are still needed throughout the country

– I give you additional tips on getting the most out of the AMCs

get more information and the directory at – http://www.appraisalmanagementcompanies.org

Step #2 – Get a search engine optimized website

– I got tired of all the pains with monthly billing (was $29.95 a month or $360 a year) – so I SLASHED the prices and lowered the annual billing to only $260 a year!

– Search engine optimized

– You will get more calls for estate orders

– 25% – 50% of my work comes from my Appraiser Website

– awesome fees for divorce, bankruptcy and estate appraisals

get more information at http://www.appraiserwebsites.net

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