16th August 2011

New E-Book: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

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Find out how to get more work and higher fees from the Appraisal Management Companies.

If you are currently unhappy with the amount of work or pay that you are getting from the appraisal management companies, this will help you.

Chapters Include:
2.How much work do you want?
3.Your address and proximity to your target service area
4.Getting a good list
5.Preparing for the application process
6.The application process
7.First Follow Up
8.Counter Offers
9.Relationship Management
10.Common Errors to Avoid
11.Standardize your Reports
12.Saving time on Reports
13.Underwriting Conditions
14.Getting Paid
15.Getting More Work
16.Updating Documents
17.The Future with AMCs

Click here to order your copy today.

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  1. 1 /*On September 8th, 2011*/, Ola Rotimi said:

    Thank you


  2. 2 /*On November 11th, 2011*/, Laurie Moore said:

    Streetlinks will allow appraisers to set their own fees! They pay their appraisers by ACH Deposit once an order has been completed. Have your lenders sign up with Streetlinks and you will be getting orders ASAP!

    Only 12% Revision requests in August 2011 vs 50-70% Nationwide because we use quality appraisers.

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