4th November 2011

RELS/Corelogic is seeking a quality assurance manager

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Rels, a joint venture of CoreLogic, is seeking a Quality Assurance Manager in its Bloomington, Minnesota office. To apply, please visit our career site at https://www.hrapply.com/corelogic/Setup.app.

Description of Responsibilities:

* Manage QA reviews (pre and post delivery)
o Lead and direct the daily workflow of reviewers
o Monitor reviews completed by staff and reviewers to ensure accuracy, completeness, quality, and adherence to USPAP and Company policy.
o Complete monthly QA reviews within required timelines. Prepare and distribute monthly QA reports to client.
o Manage targeted specific reviews
o Ensure specific state reviews are completed in accordance with state requirements.
o Ensure temporary approvals are completed timely
o Administer panel management functions
o Decision appraiser onboarding contract issues
o Manage field appraiser testing
o Partner in conjunction with Regional Manager to approve field appraiser PIP’s due to quality reasons
o Manage Exclusionary List based on required service level agreement
o Process ASC daily notices
o Manage Appraiser Incident Report process
o Manage Preferred High Dollar panel
o Manage compliance with regulatory requirements and responses
o Field appraiser responses to state boards and agencies
o USPAP changes and compliance
o VSS guideline compliance
o Monitor state regulations pertaining to QA functions (license requirements, specifi required reviews, etc)
o Resource for legal issues and complaint resolution
o Resource for legal actions
o Complaint resolution and response
o Manage reporting requirement
o Appraiser metric reporting
o QA scoring reconciliation
o Trending analysis
o Targeted appraiser reviews
* Resource for technology initiatives
o Maintenance of new and ongoing rulesets and testing
o Product testing
o Development of new or improved cascades
* Other
o Manage human resource functions including hiring, time off management, performance reviews, and voluntary/involuntary terminations.
o Coach reviewers to ensure accuracy and consistency for products completed
o Manage department P & L
o Maintain staffing model and ensure adequate coverage to handle volume

Position Qualifications:

* 5+ years of proven, successful management experience
* Certified residential appraiser
* Thoroughly understanding of USPAP, GSE and client guidelines
* Ability to mentor, prioritize and motivate
* Demonstrated track record of successfully implementing departmental process efficiencies and improvements
* Demonstrated ability to problem solve and provide solutions and options
* Proven problem solving and analytical skills, with the ability to integrate a variety of diverse concepts to arrive at a recommend approach.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills


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