25th July 2012

What is the deal with PCVMurcor? A holes of the decade.

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PCV was one of the first appraisal management companies I worked for when the HVCC was passed. Not only were they one of the great companies that saved me from bankruptcy, but they had great fees and were easy to work with.

Boy have times changed!!!!

Over the last few years, the company once known for being fair and loyal to appraisers quickly has become one of the most hated appraisal management companies around. First it was the gradual lowering of fees, then came the excessive review department. Honestly their reviewers had to have been paid to find an error on every single file, regardless of how silly the request was. Every single file, to explain an adjustment that was already explained, etc… More detail or explanation when not needed. I assume since there were no other error standing out on the appraisals I sent in, that the requests just became more and more silly. It was horrible, and I was not the only one to refuse work from them.

Occasionally I still get requests from them though. I am shocked at how low their fees are these days. They are one of the major reasons why appraisers are still not getting customary and reasonable fees.

They work on an appraisers fear. If you do not accept their low fees or try to get more money, they won’t send you offers anymore. If that is one of your primary clients, you become worried about making ends meet and paying the bills. What are you to do?


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Do whatever it takes, but please, for the good of the group

This is the only way our industry will improve. This is the only way to put these losers like PCV Murcor out of business.

Want to know the worst thing about PCV Murcor? From their website they have been practicing ‘appraiser independence’ since 1981. The company was founded by an appraiser, and is still owned by an Appraiser who holds a MAI designation.

Wow, what an A hole. That appraiser should get the biggest A hole appraiser of the century award. Helping to destroy our profession. Who is he/she? I really want to know. Is the owner / current owner Keith Murray? That is the information I found on their about page.

What a complete looser and one of those bottom feeding appraisers that is against the fellow appraiser, not looking to help each other out one bit.


How about letting them know. Either do it anonymously or with your contact information like I did. Make sure you fill out every field and mark ‘sales’ checkbox or something, otherwise it won’t submit properly:


Name: Customer Service
Email: customerservice@pcvmurcor.com
Phone (909)623-4001

Amazed…. Owned and operated by an Appraiser. What a real jerk.

So do everything you can to help make this industry better. There are a TON of great AMCs out there. There is so much estate work around that you should be more than busy.

If you have any feedback, please leave it here and I will get back to you. If you know of any other bottom feeder AMCs that people should completely refuse work from, please list them here as well.

Now is the time to take back our profession. There is way more work than appraisers these days. We must demand customary and reasonable.

Bryan Knowlton

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  1. 1 /*On July 25th, 2012*/, Russell Lewis said:

    Wow Bryan. I am very sorry we have done something to change your opinion of us. We sure would like to try and make it right.

    It looks like we are right up the road from you. We would love to have you stop by, meet the folks, and see how we do what we do. Give us an opportunity to show you the value we bring to the process.

    We strive daily to do a fantastic job for our clients and our appraisers. I believe we can change your mind about us if you give us a chance.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.


  2. 2 /*On July 25th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I am very glad you found my post. I am hopeful that PCV Murcor will step up and finally start paying customary and reasonable fees. I have no problem with the cost of doing business and with most appraisal management companies, I don’t have a hard time accepting a slightly lower fee due to less marketing involved with receiving the appraisal orders. But $100 or more less than customary and reasonable is not fair to the industry. With the addition of the 1004MC and UAD requirements, the time and cost have increased.

    While other AMCs have raised their fees due to these changes, PCV Murcor never accounted for these changes and continue to offer some of the lowest fees out of the bottom feeding appraisal management companies. You guys operate on fear. If an appraiser is relying on your work to pay their bills, they accept the lower fees, further hurting the industry. There is no reason why other appraisal management companies can afford to pay more customary and reasonable fees than PCV Murcor continues to pay. I have been conducting a survey for years now on the worst appraisal management companies at http://www.notcustomaryandreasonable.com and I will be publishing the results soon on my blog.

    I know of many appraisers that have successfully negotiated their fees with your company, increasing their fees slightly in the process. But I ask them why? Why work with a company that has unfair practices and appear to write the review criteria themselves. It is not our job to explain what an appraisal is or to detail every aspect of the appraisal process. I have delivered hundreds of reports to the same clients of PCV Murcor, never to receive an underwriting condition or to provide more detail on why other properties were not used in the appraisal process. I do not have to justify every adjustment in detail to satisfy the review appraiser. I have to do my job diligently as a fully licensed and certified appraiser as I would with any other client.

    As I said before, it has not always been like this with PCVMurcor, it has only continued to get worse. I have brought this issue up numerous times to vendor managers and have requested to speak with additional managers as I once had great love for your company. At one time it was a very good company to work with.

    We all have to accept change. Many of us appraisers have. Now it is time for PCV Murcor to step up and either adjust their profit or demand higher fees from their clients. To compete on fees alone will destroy any company, and I hope to see PCV Murcor will either change their practices or go out of business. It is a horrible system that someone needs to fix.

    You have great employees, have been in business for a very long time, but either someone is getting paid too much or there is way too much overhead. Other AMCs are competing and excelling while keeping the industry strong and paying highly skilled appraisers their fair, customary and reasonable fees.

    What happens when you start paying appraisers less? You cause many of the highly professional and certified appraisers to leave the industry. Most of the older appraisers have given up in this rat race due to competing on fees and not quality of work. A reviewer can only do so much to help a poor appraiser out. There goes our elder appraisers, the ones that have been around for 20+ years. They are tired of this and retire if possible. Who is left? A bunch of appraisers competing on fees alone, looking to cut as many corners as possible because they have to complete more appraisals to make ends meet.

    I would love to meet with Keith Murray and find out what value is being added to the process. Would he be interested in an interview?

    That would be great.

    And again, all you appraiser, don’t let PCV Murcor bully you anymore. Stand up, call your vendor manager and demand higher fees. Other appraisers are getting paid more, so why shouldn’t you?

    Bryan Knowlton

  3. 3 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Tony Thai said:

    Dear all,

    Not only PVC Murcor, but ISGN also a terrible AMC company. They paid very cheap for an 1004&1004MC. Reviewers and service desk personnel from India.

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  5. 5 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Annemieke Roell said:

    Bryan, it is pretty simple. If every appraiser stopped accepting orders from AMC such as PCV, Clearwater Capital and others, they would either go out of business or be forced to raise their fees to C&R. It is a free market …. as as long as appraisers accept these bottom fees, they will continue to pay them.

  6. 6 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, tom said:

    Hey its simple tell PCV NO your fees are too low, let them use the appraisers that has no experience this way when they get removed from there list and there are no more shit appraisers. Then they will have to hire the experience appraiser with F & C fees.

  7. 7 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Jimmy Bolding said:

    I finally got so fed up with PCV Murcor that I demanded to be removed from their vendor list.

    1. All counters offers over $260 were rejected.
    2. They demanded corrections on every report; often these lacked any common sense. My reports generally go through without any corrections for most of the AMC’s that I work for.

    While their employees are pleasant, they are the WORST AMC that I’ve ever worked with.

    No Mas PCV

  8. 8 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Michael Imes said:

    Bryan, What do you expect from an AMC? That is why I stopped working for them many years ago. Professionals aren’t silly, and they don’t play silly games. Come to think of it, I also fired some big banks for the same reasons. Yes, an appraiser can fire someone!

    On another note, I must disagree with only one line in your response…”We all have to accept change.” If you mean appraisers, yes, when it comes to regulations, etc. When it comes to pay, yes when it means it is going up. But we DON’T have to accept change when it comes to the games AMCs and lenders have been playing for years. Professionals know their job and do their job well from the beginning. They do not lower thier fees when asked to do more for less and become instructors to less qualified “people” without compensation. Most appraisers confuse the statements, “Appraisal Issue” with “Lending Decision.” Professionals do not turn in sub-standard reports. Professionals expect to be paid a fair rate for thier time. I have not yet seen one, not ONE, AMC that pays the going rate for a PROFEESIONAL appraiser in our area….Wait, yes I have…When someone else gave them what they paid for, and they are forced to then look for a Professional to provide them with a reliable report.

    This might explain why PROFESSIONALS are leaving the industry. The trend has just begun. I am already seeing it here. Although I am not quitting appraising, and don’t have income issues, I have obtained a new license and am beginning to sell real estate also. Unfortunately, it won’t remove me from having to deal with issues like these.

    As I have always said…BE SAFE OUT THERE!…Be honest, treat others as you would want to be treated, do quality work and refuse low compensation! Just say, “NO!”

    I wish peace and sucess to all!

  9. 9 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Jeff Mazzaferri said:


    I could have told you what a bad amc PCVMurcor was. I completed over 20 FHA Reviews a monht for PCV in 1999-2000, at a fee for each that was truly half of the “customary” fee at that time. In 2001 the reviews stopped. I thought it was because PCV had lost the FHA contract. in 2009 as HVCC came into affect, I tried to get more work from PCV. After several calls, I was informd that Mr. Murray had personally order my removal form the panel, because I has supposedly not provided an update for over 1-month. I was completing over 20 FHA review each month. I do not know of any time in my carreer when I have not provided updates or reports for 1-month. Mr Murray refused to call me back or to even recieve a call. I am on a permament “black-list” that PCV maintains.

    Mr. Murray has conducted his business the same way for decades now. I am not supprised that he has continued to use appraiser’s to his financial gain. In 2004 Mr. Murray lost a number of seasoned good appraiser’s who were nationally recognized, one of which wa Brad Ellis. When I spoke with Brad in 2004, he would only state that hea an a few other appraisers left PCV because of diffrences in business philosophy.

    It is my personal hope that all appraisers in the country would refuse to complete work for PCV, and that PCVMurcor goes the way of amny of the banks which have ceased existense.

  10. 10 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Melanie said:

    I used to work for PCV Murcor until they were going to refuse to pay me for an appraisal because I would not increase the appraised value on a property that was a private sale between son and parents. They said since I had one sale above the agreed contract price that I should support the contract price. When I said no, the contract price is not supported by the other comparables they said that they found something to cancel the order, that they would find someone else that would support contract. I told them that they could not refuse payment because of the outcome of an appraisal and there allegations were faulty. So they paid me but said we had to end our business relationship. I have all the emails and documentation saved. Tried to file complaints with the state against them but not state licensed. Holding on to everything just in case one day I can stick it to them. Glad I don’t work for them anymore though, finally have a great client base.

  11. 11 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Bill Mieswinkel said:

    I have never heard of these people, possibly because they don’t have clients in my area.

    Another AMC rhat does have clients in my area is EPIC Real estate; who I have quit doing appraisals for because they don’t pay good fees, and they lie to you to get you to quote a fee on yhe phone; then when you get the order; there are more work requirements; and if you ask for more money; they cancel and find someone that will work for less.

    They also pay about twice a year, and I contacted their clients, and told them what Epic was doing. I understabd their clients will probably ignore what I said; but at least they know what kind of company they are working with; and if they continie working with Epic; that is their problem.

    There are some appraisers that have no choice except to work for low fees because they have no other source of income; but thoes of us that have another source; I say– cut these idiots off, that pay low fees; and make their bad habits nown to all other apprausers if you can;just like this message.

    We all know this problem will not go away anytime soon; and we have to take a stance where we can.

    It’s too bad that the Government, has once again; created a bad situation for appraisers, and we have to struggle through this; only hoping that we will be able to get this turned around in the future.

  12. 12 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Scott Asbjornsen said:

    They are the most abusive AMC out there. They took me off of there list after I sent a perfect appraisal, with comps that were split-entries, withim 50 sf of each other, and within 2 years old of each other. They sent back two comparables that turned out to be transactions between foreclosure companies that were for twice the amount of the estimated value of the appraisal. I sent back the Realist sheets that demonstrated that to the review appraiser. They then insistd that I put that in my report. I refused, saying that their job is to inform GMAC about the so called comparables, and that I would not pollute my report with garbage. They dropped me, and I told them that if they ever put me on any kind of published list. I would file a lawsuit against them. They are arrogant, unqualifiied,hypocrytes. If everyone refuses to work from them, they will go away. Sme goes for Clear Capital.

  13. 13 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, James Anthony said:

    I had to laugh when I read your rant Bryan. I have been getting order requests for a couple of years now from PCV. At first I looked them over, now I just hit delete and move on. Valuation Partners was the same way, but I see they are increasing their fees somewhat. I’ll get orders requests from VP ranging from $175 to $325 for the same product. So, are they kissing some clients ass to get their appraisal work, and then raising the fees as they go? I don’t get where these AMC’s heads are at. No AMC can beat the Lendervend model at this point, and I don’t know why. Of all the AMC’s I’ve worked with, they are simply the best, and if you do quality work, like you should, they basically leave you alone and let you be the professional you are. I rarely get requests for more info, and when I do it’s because I screwed up and hit the wrong check box or something like that. My hats off to LV and shame on these other AMC’s who are nothing more than extortionists, bagmen for mobsters is what it feels like. Like the saying goes, ” I’ll take half the money you were gonna earn, kick you in the nuts, and we’ll call it a day.” Please people, stop accepting this low fee work! For the good of the profession, either leave the appraisal world or simply DEMAND higher fees from these scum bag AMC’s. It is actually quite liberating to tell an AMC that you will not accept their assignments because their fees are too far below the industry standard. Try it, soon they will all get the message and stop this nonsense. I actually get phone calls from PCV associates when they can’t fill an order in my area. I love that. It tells me other appraisers are just saying NO! and moving on to better associations with the good AMC’s.

  14. 14 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Kimberly Traynor said:

    PCV Murcor was an AMC I have worked with for quite some time, and like Bryan without them I wouldn’t have been able to pay my bills. That said, they did start change and become more demanding. I also felt that the reviewers were paid to find at least one error in each report no matter how minute it was, and often it had already been addressed within the report. The worst experience I had with PCV was after I had accepted an order with a specific due date. The due was on a Friday. I made contact with the borrower and he couldn’t even meet me until the Friday it was due. I updated PCV and stated due to borrower delay please extend the due to the coming Tuesday. I got a call from PCV stating they could only extend the due to Sunday. I told them for their low fees I don’t work on weekends. If they wanted me to work on Sunday they would have to pay more, however I wasn’t available for work that weekend anyway. The manager called me back after that conversation and told me that if I refused to complete the order over the weekend he would stop sending me work. I told him to go ahead that I wouldn’t be bullied by him. I have never received as much work from PCV after as I had before, but I still get requests from them, and I almost always negotiate for higher fees and extended due dates.

  15. 15 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Paul J. Smith,SRA said:

    To Whom This May Concern,

    I have found that Rels also an appraisal management company has adopted the same policy as your company.
    I think all of these appraisal management companies are working together so they can set the new standards for independent appraisers. They first get the contracts from large mortgage banking companies which then allows them the power to control all the appraisals and set the appraisal fees.

    I have been told that Rels, which is the appraisal management company for all of Wells Fargo Bank, gave 49% stock in the company to Wells Fargo Bank for an exclusive long-term contract to manage all the residential appraisals ordered from the bank. I think this is a conflict of interest because Wells Fargo Bank can and does have a large influence over who does their appraising and the fees being charged for the service.

    Rels gross income from taking 45% of the appraisal fee last year was in the hundreds of millions of dollars which Wells Fargo Bank profited from.
    I believe that the controllers should take a long and hard look into this conflict of interest as to the financial relationship between the appraisal management companies and the mortgage banking business.

    The day is coming when independent appraisers will not be able to survive. With the cost of schooling, licensing fees, operational expenses, and professional E &O insurance have all increased annually, however, the appraisal fees have remained the same as they were 10 years ago.

    The appraisal management companies will eventually run out of appraisers to use as cheap labor.
    Currently these appraisal management companies are working on trying to get the same contracts for all the appraisals ordered by the mortgage industry, which would include the commercial appraisals.

    Think about all this because the longer we wait and do nothing the worse it will be.


    Paul J. Smith, SRA

  16. 16 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Nathan Bernhardt said:

    Appraisers are too internally focused, on themselves, and their “plight”. There is a big world out there that could care less, about you, about me, or about one AMCs fees. Read “Who Moved My Cheese”, and get on with your life:)

  17. 17 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, chris a goodwin said:

    Its slime like you that is ruining our profession. I would never accept work from a company like yours. You are the problem. I hope I never see you face to face, you would not like the result.
    Chris Goodwin
    Goodwin Appraisal
    6118 Memphis, Tn. 38134

  18. 18 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Paul said:

    PCV Murcor was the beginning of the whole nightmare for me and I stopped working for them almost 2 years ago. They would throw out one appraisal to many different appraisers, and if your bid was the lowest, then came the excessive emails, phone calls over and over till the report was in, then the heavy underwriting with more calls and emails for revisions, and then the slow pay…They also played games, I would have in my email that they have a new order, but when I would open up the email, it was really just asking for revisions on an open report, and there really was no new order…They pulled every trick in the book. I will never work for those crumbs again..

  19. 19 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Joan Saxe said:

    Good article, Bryan. In addition to the terrible fees, PCV Murcor also has processors who are unethical. I don’t know if it’s company policy, or an individual decision, but recently I had negotiated a decent fee, had a confirmed verbal go-ahead and was just waiting for the email confirmation. The order came through and the very next email was a cancellation. I emailed the order placer and asked what was going on – she said she had pushed the wrong button and had to wait for the order to come back to her site. I waited four hours, then emailed again and said I was turning down other orders to hold space for PCV, please confirm. No response and by the end of the day I had turned down 5 orders to be professional and hold my end for this “confirmed” order which never came through. Clearly she was shopping further and found someone who would take the order for a lower fee. Probably the higher ups had said “no” to the C&R fee I had asked for. I sent her an email and told her I thought her behavior was despicable since she had been informed I was holding time for her. The same person had the nerve to leave me a bright, cheerful phone message a couple of weeks later, asking if I could take a order. My response to her was not bright or cheerful. I will never work for PCV again. Joan Saxe

  20. 20 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Noli V Capistrano said:

    You are right PCV Murcor is the Asshole of the Century, they only pay $200.00 for a 1004 here in Murrieta, Ca but
    an appraiser will grab it ASAP as soon it hits his email, I tell you in seconds it would be gone.

  21. 21 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Noli V Capistrano said:

    PCV Murcor is the most greediest AMC here in California, they only pay $200 for a 1004 and if you counter they will not come back anymore, an appraiser here in Riverside grab this order ASAP everytime it hits his email. Lets unite and don’t accept order from this A hole AMC

  22. 22 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Phil said:

    You decide what you are worth, ask what you want and just decline jobs that do not have reasonable fees, it’s that simple. I started doing that about a year ago, and as hard as it was to say no and decline a job, I’m as busy as I want to be and more. The problem is not the AMC’s not paying reasonable fees, it’s those appraiser’s accepting those fees. As long as there are appraiser’s willing to accept “low” fees, the problem will not go away. Right not I am consistantly demanding and getting $400 for 1004 (non-complex) single family appraisals from a large AMC that wanted to pay $225. I just call them and say my fee for that job is $400 if not, I appreciate you thinking of me but would have to decline if the fee is less. Except for a few, I typically get the job eventually. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Just say no to low fees.

  23. 23 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Ed Schaar said:

    Good article and comments back. I don’t really think there is a solution unless all appraisers unite, and that of course probably won’t happen. There will always be appraisers accepting these type of orders for $200.00 for whatever purpose. The only hope is that the cheap ass AMC’s will get in trouble using shitty appraisers etc.. To stay competative they’ll need better appraisers supplying quality work; hence these appraisers will demand higher fees.

  24. 24 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Laurie Redmond said:

    After many years of completing appraisal reports for NREIS at competitive fees, they now call and want a 1004 completed for less than fees charged over 10 years ago. I do not accept the fees, however other appraisers accept the greatly reduced fees. My work has slowed, but we need to demand an acceptable fee or where will it stop?

  25. 25 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Andrew Kellman said:

    Brian, you are 100% correct. I had them removed me from their list of appraisers. They are the worst. Not interrest in quality just making money for themselves. Low fees, constant phone calls, unrealistic turn times and then wait for your payment. This model is so broken it is not even funny. Yet no one in the mortage industry cares. Only when there are problems again will you have an uproar. And why can’t invoices be contain in appraisal reports???

  26. 26 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Phil said:

    Let’s all join forces and all go on vacation for two weeks (the same two weeks)and not accept ANY assignments from ANY amc. And, when we return, do not accept any fees lower than what is really reasonable for the work we do. Lets say $450-$500 for a 1004 single family and $600-$650 for a 1025 2-4 unit. Also any requests for additional comps, reconsideration, unjustified revisions, etc. will be at an additional fee to be paid upfront upon request and only after the original fee is paid in full. Oh yeah, if they don’t accept MLS photos for comparables, or want more than six interior photos, there would also be a higher fee. anything less than a two week turnaround time, also at a higher fee.

    A two week stop in work by all of us (a truly needed vacation anyway)is what this industry needs to set things straight.

    AMC’s are just large appraisal companies in disguise. Landsafe, Data Quick, LRES, PCV, etc. etc. are just large appraisal companies getting prefferential treatment putting many small professional appraisal companies out of business.

    Without these small appraisal companies, often run by highly experienced appraisers, there is lack of adequate training and passing along of experience.
    I recently had an appraiser tell me he never addressed “functional obsolescence” on any appraisal since he was licensed and working on his own for over 5 years. Actually, he didn’t even know what this really was, nevermind how to handle this. This raised other important issues that should be discussed in the future, such as why it is in our best interest to not hire apprentices.

    For now I have a “due date” to meet so have to sign off.

    A two week vacation from AMC’s – Think about it !!!.

  27. 27 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Rob said:

    PCV Murcor is a bunch of bullies!! I worked for them for 3+ years and they were big pain in the ass!!! They would threaten not to pay me if I didnt complete something the way they wanted and the fees were horrible!!! I would always ask for a fee increase and they would haggle with me all the time!! Just a bunch of bullies across the board. And reviewers are customer service people who should not be reviewing appraisals!! Im now blacklisted for speaking out against them and I dont care!!!! Thanks Rob.

  28. 28 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Noli V Capistrano said:

    Finally we are getting all the feedback for this A hole PCV Murcor, they are so bad and I wish regulators would help us get rid of this kind of AMC, wake up regulators.

  29. 29 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Kristina Burke said:

    PCV Murcor is pathetic and so is their owner.

  30. 30 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Laurie Richards said:

    I too fired PCV. I loved the ordering people I worked with but when the reports came back time after time for revisions because the area didn’t fit all their “rules” which had nothing to do with the client’s expectations or USPAP. The fees were too low and the pay was too far out so I chose not to work with them anymore. But, as said by many, we are the professionals who choose who we work for and the fees we choose. I only work with those who do NOT call every day, or require me to update their web page every day, and don’t pay within 30 days. Clear Capital needed an appraisal done, I told them my office policy is not to contact them unless the report is going to be late. They called every day including Saturday morning at 6:00 am, then Sunday morning at 6:00 am. I did not send in the report. When asked why I was not finishing the report, I told them I did not need to check in with them. The gal told me I was “their employee” and the only way they could make sure I was working as if I were in there office, is if they called every day. I work with only the clients that treat me like a professional, AMC or other clients.

    Yes, I was slow, but now that so many are getting out of the industry, there is more respect from the AMC’s as they have figured out that we are their bread and butter so if they treat us poorly, they don’t get any money either.

  31. 31 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Joseph Benn said:

    Hey Brian, just request your name removed from their approved appraiser list. If they ask why? Tell them that being on their list just fills up my e-mail list with garbage orders. I have done this and it works. Appraising Since 1985 I could care less even talking to cheap ordering companies. Why waste time reading trash.

  32. 32 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, Jack Devin said:

    I added PCV Murcor to my spam list last year. They still send orders but I don’t have to see them. Not even worth a click to delete from my inbox.

  33. 33 /*On July 26th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    So after 1 day, the appraisers have spoken.

    Nobody heard me when I first complained to my vendor manager, I never heard anything from the higher ups either. This is only a small segment of appraisers on a not so popular blog.

    How about changing everyone’s opinion of PCV Murcor and changing your ways.


    ” Wow Bryan. I am very sorry we have done something to change your opinion of us. We sure would like to try and make it right.

    It looks like we are right up the road from you. We would love to have you stop by, meet the folks, and see how we do what we do. Give us an opportunity to show you the value we bring to the process.

    We strive daily to do a fantastic job for our clients and our appraisers. I believe we can change your mind about us if you give us a chance.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Russell “

  34. 34 /*On July 27th, 2012*/, John said:

    Hi Bryan;

    I used to do some work for them but there fees were always low. At least for the last two to three years. I did the work because I simply needed the money. Now I just respond to their requests with a request for higher fees. I never hear back. I often get requests from other companies offering very low fees so they are not the only one.

    There will always be appraisers that need the work. I think in the short run, appraisal management companies rule the day. However, I am starting to see direct lenders such as smaller banks, etc that are calling and they aren’t hung up on the fees so much. I think appraisal management companies are here to stay like always, however, they will eventually fade to a certain extent.

    So just work with quality companies that pay better fees and ignore the low payers (and slow payers) and move on…

    On another note. I hear some on here requesting additional regulations.. Please be careful what you wish for regarding additional regulations. Remember the HVCC which I feel was partly the blame of appraisers because of the constant complaining by appraisers about lender pressure and comp checks. Well any appraiser with a partial spine was never influenced by a broker or lender anyway.

    We even got blamed in no small part for the entire meltdown of the mortgage market. We overinflated values because of this undue pressure they said. No it was just the market. Well the regulators came in and solved the problem and thus our current environment was born. I fear further regulations as I think the government is way too involved in the real estate industry.

    Just wait for the next mortgage meltdown to happen which will be because of our government taking over the sub-prime market with the FHA, HUD, and USDA. 16% of all FHA loans are seriously deliquent. The signs are on the wall.

    I can go on and on…..

    PLEASE NO MORE CALLS for regulation or involvement with the Feds. The real estate market will only be solved once the government gets out of the real estate industry.



  35. 35 /*On July 28th, 2012*/, dawn said:

    I am glad I found this posting about PVCMurcor. I have not worked for them and have now put them on a black list I am forming for bad management companies. Another company that should be considered on appraisers black list is ISGN. They are the management company for Bank of America. The fees are low, it is very hard to understand what them when they speak, and they nitpick to the extreme degree. But that is not my biggest complaint believe it or not. My biggest complaint is that the Bank of America and any lender that uses them have managed to outsource their management company to India. It is amazing to me how the Bank of America has been foreclosing on Americans (although the banks were balled out by us (government) however they are not helping Americans stay in their homes. To top that off they are doing it by using a foreign company. Once I realized that ISGN was not located in Florida or California or anywhere else in the US I have refused any of their work. I wrote them a letter stating I was no longer willing to work for a company that does not pay American employees or pay US taxes. Guess what I am getting the work from other sources that pay better fees, don’t nitpick you to death and speak English as the first language.

    ISGN still sends me requests to do work here in NC. I have refused these jobs on principle along and have been requested by other management companies that do business here in NC. So dropping one management company because of the problems involved in working for them just means you will most likely get the work from another source. Banks and lenders seem to use several management companies for the appraisal work so I wouldn’t worry about refusing the work from one. There is so much appraisal work out there that the management companies should be doing everything they can to keep us please rather than the other way around. I for one will not work for a company that is difficult.

    Dawn from North Carolina

  36. 36 /*On July 30th, 2012*/, Jason Fischman said:

    Thanks as always Bryan for having the guts and character to post this valuable information.

    I have done some work with PVC over the years…way back in the early 90’s, when they were Pacific Coast Valuations and recently, as they have grown into an AMC. I have no issue with the owner…he was always very pleasant to me and their staff has been easy to deal with as well. Yes, their base fees are definitely below standard and the review issues are generally arbitrary; particularly when 90% of the time they were addressed in the original report submission. On the up side, they send payment reasonably fast and their fees can be negotiated in some cases. The main issue I had with them was regarding a “trip fee”. Once, I inspected a property and was greeted by two men. One introduced himself as the owner (name matched the borrower) and the other proceeded to give me a tour of the house and answer most of my questions. There were pictures of him and his family throughout the house and his SUV was in the driveway. There was no evidence at all which would indicate that the owner lived there. When I left, I parked halfway down the street to review data and 10 minutes later, the owner got in his car, which was parked down the street, and drove past me. I looked up his name in the records and he also owned a larger home in the next community over, which was his mailing address. I communicated my findings to PCV and after some back and forth, with the lender/borrower insisting upon it being owner-occupied, I explained that if they want me to complete the assignment, I would check the “tenant” box.

    Ultimately the assignment was canceled and I received the following message via e-mail:

    “Hello Jason,

    Payment will be processed for the trip/inspection fee of $29.29 based on round trip time and distance. Trip fees are reimbursed at $20/hr and $.55/mi (which is the national federal reimbursement rate on mileage), and are calculated by round trip time and distance from the appraiser’s office to the subject property. Please confirm receipt of this email. Thank you”

    I honestly could not believe this. $20/hour???

    I replied:

    “Thank you for the information. The trip fee does not, however, factor in the additional 2 hours that it took to research and drive the comparables. Additionally, XXX is my mailing address. My physical location is XXX. I would greatly appreciate if the trip fee could be reconsidered. Just out of curiosity, how is the $20/hour rate determined?”

    They replied:

    “The best I can do is $50 on this one. The $20/hr is part of PCV’s trip fee calculation. We have you in mind for future orders in your area.”

    I replied:

    “Thank you. I was just curious as to how the $20/hour rate was formulated…seemed quite low for an Appraiser. I pay my assistant close to $20/hour and she is not an Appraiser, does not have a degree, does not have 22 years of appraisal experience, no license, no professional designation..you get the picture.”

    No further reply and I have not accepted an assignment since.

    I truly hope PVC takes all of this feedback as an opportunity to revisit their client relationships and increase all fees commensurate with current market conditions and ever increasing complexities/requirements.

  37. 37 /*On August 1st, 2012*/, Matt Maddox said:

    Bottom line is until collectively we appraiser grow a pair and all refuse the lower fees we are going to be asked to do the low fee asignments. Unfortanately there are the bottom feeding whores who will do anything for a 50 cents!

    That’s my 2 cents,

  38. 38 /*On August 1st, 2012*/, Sonja Troncoso said:

    PCV is a great client, they allow me to bid a fee amount and turntime for every order I accept. I never receive lower than $350, and for complex assignments it is a higher fee, every time. I do find that some desk reviews are too picky though, and keeping at a 90% satisfactory rating is a challenge because every time there is a revision, no matter if it is a valid request or not, the appraiser vender is ding’d down in the tier rating. The last 5 appraisals are being rated to determine your tier. They also pay amongst the fastest in the industry, so I’m pleased with PCV Murcor. –Sonja, San Jose

  39. 39 /*On August 1st, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I am glad they are working out for you. But as you can see, this is very far from the norm.

    Thanks for your input.


  40. 40 /*On August 3rd, 2012*/, Louis J Gleason, SRA said:


  41. 41 /*On August 3rd, 2012*/, Nathan Bernhardt said:

    If you think that appraisers will ever win, EVER, when trying to win over the interests of banking, big mortgage, and the ideal of AMC compliance, you are wrong and VERY NAIVE. It is a market based system, it STINKS, but it is the reality that is not going away. RETOOL!

  42. 42 /*On August 3rd, 2012*/, Margaret said:

    I recently got back into the industry after the demise of the economy hit us all back in 2008. PCV Murcor is the only AMC company who responded back to me so far and unfortunately, I had to accept the low fees since I don’t have anyone else giving me consistent work. I am happy to have at least something, but after doing research and discovering articles like these, my eyes are wide open now. Lately, I have been counter offering my fees, but it is a joke. Yesterday, the rep called and ended the conversation with discussing the most important thing, “the fee.” He was a bit cocky when he said this to me knowing it was going to go his way. The last job I had from them actually came in at $250 and I told him this when he offered $200. He said, “how about $225?” Seriously, that is the best they can do? More like an insult than an honor to receive a whopping $25 more for my time. I had to take it because I don’t have any other company right now I can lean on and they know they got me. I will continue to counter offer and look into other companies. Fortunately, Mercury network sent me a job from a credit union who paid me FULL FEE of $325 and I was ecstatic! This just happened this week and gave me a renewed sense of hope and realization that it was the beginning of branching out. That company also paid me within one week rather than a whole month like PCV. Also, with PCV Murcor, all the appraisals I do, I am explaining my life away. My Supplemental Addendum is a least 3 or 4 pages long with comments about this and that. I believe in quality of excellence, but this is truly overboard!

    Sonja, I am curious…how did you get PCV Murcor to keep your fee at $350?!?! I’d love if you can share that with us struggling with PCV’s fee structure. I am glad Bryan brought this to PCV’s attention. It’s just too ridiculous to live on half the salary annually if I only worked for them (which is the case right now, but I will change that here soon). I too thought that was horrendous knowing that the owner was an ex-appraiser as well. I am not one to complain or whine, but I am one to say something if I know it’s unfair. I too thought about involving the government to help us, but it does appear as John mentioned, it seems to make it worse. We all know that HVCC is a blessing and curse at the same time. Anyways, glad to know that I am not blind to this madness and I appreciate everyone’s feedback on PCV Murcor since it’s the only company I currently have in the pipeline right now who is consistent.

  43. 43 /*On August 3rd, 2012*/, Don Bratt said:

    I finally requested that I be taken off their appraiser list. Unrealistic fees, questions that really should never be required. Nice to see I am not alone regarding their poor business practices and employees who appear to be reading a script as opposed to thinking first.

  44. 44 /*On August 21st, 2012*/, Linda Kludka said:

    I hate PCV – I did some work for them when I was associated with a firm and when I went out on my own, they called me twice and asked me to stay on their list. I refused. The PCV Addendum that has to be attached to each report just restated the obvious. It’s because they don’t know how to read a report and it needs to be in one place. The last report I did for them was an FHA, I went there on a Friday afternoon, didn’t get back to my office until 4 pm. I called them and said I had a structural issue that I needed guidance from HUD on and they were still looking for the report Sunday afternoon (calendar day, I guess we don’t get weekends). On Monday, they told me I was not allowed to talk to HUD – they have their own appraisers that I should consult. EXCUSE ME?

  45. 45 /*On September 4th, 2012*/, Jim Plante said:

    “Just say ‘No’,” is what I’ve been spouting for the last six or seven years to anybody who would listen. The first AMC ever to send a reduced-fee order to us was Golden Feather Realty, a REO liquidator. My wife (the only appraiser in the firm at the time) groused and grumbled over the $25 fee reduction. I told her, “Decline the order. Put your required fee on it.” She did, and in 30 minutes, the fax came back with the correct fee on the order.

    StreetLinks, PCV, RELS, eAppraiseIT all jumped on the 20-page-contract, low fee, 48-hour turn time bandwagon. We simply refused all of them. First because of their 20 pages of legalese; second because the legalese contained hugely objectionable provisions such as hold-harmless clauses; and many more objections besides. At first, I replied politely: “We don’t require our clients to have a contract with us; you may order whenever and however you please. All appraisals in a rural area have significant differences. Some are easy, some not so easy, so I can’t quote you a fee that will apply to everything. Our minimum fee is $350, and rises with complexity and client requirements. Thank you for considering us for your appraisal needs.”

    Lately though, that’s been shortened to something like, “No.”

    Not only do I refuse low-fee AMC work, but I will no longer accept Fannie Mae or other GSE’s as intended users, nor will I report on their forms. Of course, UAD is out too. Saves a lot of trouble. Question: Would you rather do three 1004’s at $200, or one 30-page narrative at $600? The three 1004’s is about a week’s work if you do them halfway right; the 30-page narrative takes about three days, research and all…. maybe four if things get nasty. Six days’ work vs. 3-4 days’ work; same pay; no hassles…. Not much of a thinker, is it?

    Where do you get that kind of work? Estates, individuals, bankruptcy lawyers, divorce lawyers, CPA’s, bank trust officers (if you’re well-established), and the list goes on. You need a CG to get work from the state and from public entities, and a designation is necessary for IRS or Federal work–and it’s not all eminent domain stuff either. Expand your horizons; learn something besides three comps on a 1004 grid. You’ll be able to abandon nearly all mortgage origination work, and its associated hassles. You’ll usually be working with a highly experienced reviewer, too. This is money in the bank; you won’t get requests for “corrections” unless you’ve actually made a mistake, and you’ll learn ways to make your reports even better. You can also set your fees high enough to be able to afford that extra verification work when necessary. These types of reports nearly always carry four-digit invoices. Many Federal contracts result in five-figure invoices resulting from the appraisal of three or more properties. Those are really nice checks to deposit.

    Think about it. Get your CG. Get a designation. And build a better client list.

  46. 46 /*On February 13th, 2013*/, Anonymous said:

    I used to work for PCV in review department. The $20/hour trip fee base is from the salary they pay the reviewers. They figure if they can hire people with appraisal license for $20/hour that’s what they will pay. I am sure that’s what they will use to justify their formula to any outside auditors. They pay a low trip fee because they agree not to charge their clients for it. They agree to this because they want to keep the clients. (Citi Bank, Flagstar….etc) It’s the banks. PCV is just passing the bug to us.

    PCV is highly competitive in efficiency and every employee gets a report card weekly with result open to everyone. If the reviewer miss something, (for example a photo), another department catch it and that’s one strike against them. Many employees are from temp agency and they can fire any time. Therefore, you’ll get green reviewers sometimes.
    I have been on the field many years now but still have friends inside. I hate their trip fee structure. How can anyone cancel an order after inspection is beyond me. If you go to a restaurant, order a dish, the chef cooks it half way, then you cancel it and don’t pay for it?

    by the way, what is CG??

  47. 47 /*On February 20th, 2013*/, sandiegohelp said:

    CG = Certified General

  48. 48 /*On August 13th, 2013*/, LaAppraiserDude said:

    Wow, just got an order from RELS (of all people) for a Condo with a fee of $325 and a TWO WEEK turn time?? What am I missing?? Job is a slam dunk too….hmmm

  49. 49 /*On February 3rd, 2014*/, MD Cert. Gen. said:

    It’s amazing to read all the comments on PCV Murcor. I was just wondering how rude the guys over there are to send me a email requesting for appraisal; asking me to call them or email which I follow up almost immediately and I don’t get a call back *(answering machine will pick up no matter how many times you call) and there is no reply email to even say “we gave the work to another Appraiser or what not” if I did an assignment for them and they can’t get me on the phone or get me to respond to emails how woukld they rate my customer service. I just fid out that the way Residentail Appraisers get treated is just horrible. I can’t even remember any time I get a run around from commercail lenders, I guess they are more sophisticated and knowledgeable than some folks at these AMC’s or PCV for example. Basic customer service is trying to return phone calls and stop trating your appraisers like a pice of S#*@. I hope someone in their leadership see this post and talk to their so called assignment specialist. STOP ACTING AS IF APPRAISERS ARE AT YOUR MERCY!!!

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