2nd August 2012

Appraisal Management Companies Explosive Growth

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Here are just some recent news that came out today. The Appraisal Management Companies are exploding in size and continue to grow.

In my opinion, find the best ones to work with and secure your future.

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Steetlinks Expanding with new 77,000-square-foot lease at NetPark located in Tampa.

With 160 currently on staff and plans of hiring another 100 over the next year, it appears the company is rapidly growing. I have a feeling they are really looking to take a larger piece out of the market and I have not only seen an drastic increase in orders, I know many other appraisers that have as well. Hopefully they will become a good appraisal management companies that becomes known for treating their appraisers well!

a la mode Partners With SharperLending on Appraisal Initiatives

“The integration with Mercury Network gives Appraisal Firewall lenders instant access to an expanded list of AMCs with which they can work,” said Dave Black, president and chief executive officer of SharperLending, the company behind the Appraisal Firewall technology. “We feel that this is an especially effective strategic partnership because both of our companies have demonstrated a commitment to delivering efficiency and compliance technology solutions to lenders to make sure appraisal processes don’t get bogged down.”

Zaio Expands AMC Distribution Network Nationally

Axis Appraisal Management to Distribute Zaio’s Suite of Appraisal Products

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – July 31, 2012) – Zaio Corporation (TSX VENTURE:ZAO) (the “Company”) today announced that its partner in the United States, Zone Data Systems LLC (“ZDS”), has entered into a reseller agreement with Axis Appraisal Management Solutions Inc. (Axis), a national appraisal management company (AMC), to provide direct order access to Zaio’s suite of on demand appraisal products.

Based just north of San Francisco, California, Axis has a nationwide panel of certified appraisers that provides appraisal services to a large and growing list of mortgage lenders and other clients across the United States. “Partnering with Zone Data Systems and utilizing Zaio technology provides Axis with a unique product offering in the United States,” noted Ron Simmons, Director of Valuation Services & Chief Appraiser of Axis. “Zaio’s product offering leverages our position in the marketplace and complements our nationwide appraiser panel, growing review service needs, and automated valuation model offerings. It gives our customers another option and additional price points by which they can do business with Axis.”

Axis joins Kirchmeyer & Associates, Veros Corporation, and Servicelink in offering Zaio products and services across the United States.

National AMCs are an important link in the property appraisal process. Local property appraisers align themselves with AMCs to gain access to a broader base of regional and national customers who may be looking for appraisal services in their area. Regional and national mortgage lenders use AMCs to route their appraisal orders to these local appraisal experts. By establishing direct order access relationships with AMCs, Zaio is able to provide the AMC’s customer with an accurate, cost effective, rapid response suite of appraisal products.

“We are starting to see increased interest from the AMC community in Zaio’s appraisal product suite because our database has now reached a critical mass in terms of the number of properties and the number of urban centres that we cover,” noted David King, Zaio’s President and CEO. “I expect Zaio’s relationship with Axis to grow as we continue to fill out the scope of our coverage, which today stands in excess of 30 million properties ready for order taking.”

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  1. 1 /*On August 20th, 2012*/, Paul said:

    Streetlinks is one of my clients. On my last assignment with them a buyer purchased a new home last year for $415K. I appraised it this year for $400K. Streetlinks U/W ask me to look at 3 other sales, all of these comps were brand new homes and in the $475K to $525K range, I explained that the subject is now a preowned home, and that I did not believe value has increased by 75K to 125K in this down economy, so then I was ask to look at 3 more comps, which were located in a superior subdivision and even higher than the first 3 comps. I held my ground on my $400K value, and mentioned Appraiser Independence. I have not received an order since????

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