3rd August 2012

DataQuick is Hiring Staff Appraisers

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Appraisers—We Want You!

Opportunity is knocking! Expand your earnings potential…grow your business…maintain a steady volume of work! DataQuick, one of the nation’s leading service providers, is hiring certified residential appraisers nationwide. Since 1978, DataQuick has been a recognized leader in the property information industry. Staff Appraisers can benefit from the following at DataQuick:


Medical, dental & vision insurance

401(k) retirement savings plan

FREE — $40K Life and AD&D policies

Tax advantage accounts—FSA & HSA options

Bi-weekly payroll cycle

FICA & FUTA payroll tax paid by the company

$250 reimbursement for continuing education costs

Dedicated Appraisal Processors and Support available

FREE — Marshall & Swift SwiftEstimator cost replacement subscription
FREE — Workers Comp insurance
FREE — E & O insurance
FREE — Short term & Long term disability insurance
FREE — License renewal reimbursement
FREE — Access to tech support for business software
Appraisal software flexibility (ACI provided upon request)
Committed team of Senior Appraisers and Chief Appraiser for technical support

Join Our Team!

For consideration please submit the following to staffappraiser@dataquick.com

1. Appraiser License
2. Resume
3. Coverage Area
4. Two recent UAD reports with MC — 1004 and Condo


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  1. 1 /*On August 9th, 2012*/, Andy Socha said:

    My name is Andy Socha and I am very much interested to hear further information. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. 2 /*On September 3rd, 2012*/, AppraiserinId said:

    Checked in to this—-it’s basically a sneaky way for this company to get a 50% fee split from the appraiser by offering a few lame ‘perks’! It’s insulting to be considered an ’employee’, but not exclusively, of an AMC that wants to pay the appraiser $250 for a full appraiser in exchange for what?? It’s not worth my time or 20 years in this profession to even consider offers like this.

  3. 3 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Exactly….I did telephone interviews with both them and Metro West because I was interested in one thing and one thing only….health insurance. And then i got a packet with the “perks” and “benefits” and found out that the health insurance is horrible with a huge deductible…they are all predators, every last one of them. I speak from many, many experiences. This recent surge of these companies coming out of the woodwork (Metro West, DataQuick, Urban LS, William Fall, Forsythe) it goes on and on and on…if they can gather up as many appraisers as possible and make them “staff” appraisers, they are not only making money off of you , but they are also knocking out their competition, which is you….don’t be fooled; it does not benefit you as an appraiser and it further damages our industry as independent contractors.

  4. 4 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Where’s the signing bonus?

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