11th December 2012

Nations Valuation Services is looking for Appraisers

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This company contacted me the other day stating they have an immediate need for appraisers. If you have any experience with this company, please leave comments below. If you want to give them a try, please follow the link below to register.



Nations Valuation Services is a nationwide appraisal management company established in 1992. Currently, our client base is growing at a rapid rate and because of this we are looking to expand our network of panel appraisers. We’re closing out over 15,000 assignments monthly and looking to share the wealth with you. We are looking for efficient, experienced, knowledgeable appraisers.

Click here to go to our signup web site.

Please have PDF copies of your license, E&O, and 2011 W-9 ready.

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  1. 1 /*On December 12th, 2012*/, Shawnte Northcutte said:

    NVS is mostly working with Chase bank. They are very cheap (NVS offered me $240 on a land appraisal in Palos Verdes) and they pay in every 45 days.

  2. 2 /*On December 12th, 2012*/, R Beevers said:

    I am listed with them in Texas. They put out a list of available orders and want you to bid on them. I have bid on them several times and never received an order. Evidently you have to do them for $100 to $150 dollars to get the assignment. I can’t work for peanuts…….not an elephant.

  3. 3 /*On December 13th, 2012*/, David Smith said:

    NVS is one of my clients. It is a onesy-twosy AMC at best [volume]. Fees are almost standard for the most part, and they have a good payment history.


  4. 4 /*On December 16th, 2012*/, Eddie Davis said:

    I have been on their panel since 2009. They were typical of most AMCs low fees and turn time was #1.

    At one time a majority of my assignments came from them.
    And I seldom had requests for revisions from either their reviewers or underwriters.

    However, just like many AMCs scope creep came with no additional turn time or fee increase. Requests for revisions (mostly from their reviewers for information already contained in the report or due to their lack of knowledge of appraising.)increased.

    Then late last year they came up with a “be online be on time” or it could be “be on time be online” theme and a vendor scorecard.

    Last December I submitted 2 orders.Per their engagement letter one was due 12/08 at 6 pm and submitted by me thru their website at 8 pm the other was due 11pm and submitted by me thru their website on 12/09 1:30am
    I forget but I think the times are central time and I am on the west coast. This was a 15 point ding each in their system.

    That was it for me I have not done an order for them since. I turned down their sub sequent orders and then raised my fee to what I considered reasonable based on their turn time and scope of work requirements. That resulted in reduced requests.

    I now get calls and emails for assignments they can not place. I either turn them down or typically they don’t want to pay my fee.

    Having not worked with them recently I can not say if they have improved or gotten worse.

    But I can say that I have found several companies and been contacted by companies that I consider far better and more pleasant to work with and tend to pay higher up front fees. At present I have no interest in doing NVS assignments.

  5. 5 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Who is surprised? NOT ME..

    Good Riddance to ES Appraisal Serviced/Evalonline! Most disgusting, bottom feeding, pathological and lying AMC ever. This company has literally ruined people’s lives…story after story about the wreckage they left in their path.I got my check for 4 months worth of working for almost nobody else but them because of the volume they had; and then couldn’t make a car payment or pay my rent because they were holding my money hostage.I am so glad I took my money and ran last year.

    I hope any and all of you who are owed money by them do in fact, get paid…I really do.

  6. 6 /*On February 14th, 2013*/, Paul said:

    They send broadcast e-mails to every appraiser in your area. Lowest fee wins. In the Northeast, they are currently paying $175 for a 2055 & $225 for a 1004. Sound good yet? They also send auto e-mails requiring constant updates. The last appraisal I did with them had roughly 8 e-mails in 4 days. When you’re done, there are ALWAYS revision requests & they pay in 45-60 days. I know this because I did work for them when they paid more & actually called me with assignments. Who would even consider these fees? If you passed the licensing exam, you must have a brain…use it. They are ripping you off & laughing at you. They’ve become garbage, so I asked them to remove me from their list. I replaced them with a better client in a few hours. It’s that easy guys…

  7. 7 /*On February 14th, 2013*/, Paul said:

    My last post was regarding Nations Valuation Services

  8. 8 /*On April 3rd, 2013*/, Mike said:

    I fired them for late payments. A manager there told me directly, they pay 45-60 days and do not care the state requires a 30 day payment. The reviewers at NVS do not actually read the reports.They use a search program and look for key words. This creates revisions requests for information that is already in the reports. There are much better AMC’s out there that actually appreciate you as an Appraiser and pay on time.

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