20th December 2012

Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations – Another AppraisersLoft AMC Story…

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I wasn’t surprised when I received this email today:

Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquires should be directed to :
Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

I was notified not too long ago from Treasure Valley Factors were no longer factoring their invoices, so it appeared thing were getting worse.

There has been a lot of appraisers talking about problems getting paid from Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal services for a very long time since my initial post here:
ES Appraisal Services – Evalonline.com Not Paying Appraisers

If any appraisers have any ideas on how to get paid, please post them below.

I know contacting the original lender listed on the appraisal has worked in the past, so you might try that route as well. Make sure to contact the company listed above.

Please make comments below.

Thank you!


There are currently 17 responses to “Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations – Another AppraisersLoft AMC Story…”

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  1. 1 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    Glad that I stopped working for them in March. Did not need a crystal ball to see this coming…

  2. 2 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, scott schumacher said:

    Nations is a good company to do work with. No problem with pay etc.

  3. 3 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, James Perry said:

    Got stiffed for a lot of money and know 1 other apprasier local who did as well. I suspect that there may be a lot of us and if they declared bankrupsy, they think they may be off the hook and they may be right. But, I think there may be criminal behaviour here, and the ultimate user of my apprasials was Washing Mutual, and we should all stick together and go after them. They have the money. I’m talking potnetial class action lawsuit.

  4. 4 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Yep, me as well…$1000’s and $1000’s they owed me; and I hunted the.
    m and Chase down, and anybody else who I could get to listen to me; anything it took to get the money they owed me…because I knew this coming.there were quite a few appraisers that posted here that insisted on continuing to do work for ES, knowing full well of what happened to so many appraisers before them. I wish them all the best; I would LOVE to know how this all turns out…the 3 or 4 guys at the top belong in prison

    Good Riddance to bad rubbish

  5. 5 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Scott said:

    I am one of those appraisers to whom they owe money. The work I completed was for the REO department at Chase. I contacted a friend at Chase and there stand is to take it up with Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal services as it is not there responsibilty. There was an internal memo sent out today 12/20/2012 to managers within the Chase network telling them to send any vendors inquiring about payment back to the ordering client Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal services. They have cancelled all contracst with that company. Really nice of Chase to take that stand.

  6. 6 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Bryan Taylor said:

    I am an agent who performed BPOs for this company, and sad to see them go but happy as I can finally proceed in getting paid (even if it is only portions of what I am owed).

    If you received that email, you will receive information in the near future of how to proceed in making claims towards receiving payment.

  7. 7 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, AppraiserGirl said:

    Wow! This is so unfair. I think that appraisals should be paid for prior to being turned in to ANY company. Why are we the ones forced to suffer!

  8. 8 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Joan said:

    File a complaint with the Attorney General in FL

  9. 9 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Melinda Merrell said:

    These folks left us owing $3200 incurred over a period of 3 months. Before this 2012 fall, we had never done any work for them. Most of our work was done for Washington Mutual /Chase. I can’t seem to get a phone number for the right person / department at Chase. What a runaround. Somewhere in time, someone at Chase hired ES/Eval to contract out their appraisals. Does anyone know who that was or is, or what department, or what city for that matter? How about a phone number? To Scott, does your friend have a phone number? Thanks anyone for you help.

  10. 10 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, tom k said:

    I think they will be in violation of OCC billetin #occ2001-47 google it!

  11. 11 /*On December 22nd, 2012*/, Norma Charter said:

    I have been working for veal solutions for nearly 3 years on rm.’s. No warning of any kind, just got on my computer Dec 19, 2012 and could no longer get into zimbra e-mail…..left messages for many, no return calls. I am currently owed nearly $3000! How do I try and collect?????

  12. 12 /*On December 23rd, 2012*/, Debb Dideum said:

    I did work in April & May 2012 for Eval and stopped work in June-August as I had not been paid. I might need the money, but I don’t incur expenses just to work for free…. Well they did paid me so I started work for them in September again and now they owe me just over $2400. I had been invoicing them since early November and had an email Nov. 13th stating they were reconciling my account the following week. They gave me the run around as I continued to invoice them via email and by snail mail with a signature required.

    From everything I have read I feel very glad to of been paid for work earlier this year. Yet I incurred over $600 in gas expense alone to do the work starting in September (Very rural area & I need the income) If they get away with this my disgust with the industry could be complete. I have been selling RE since 1983 and despite my smile, this business has been demolished and demoralized. NAR has prevented the banks from getting directly into the real estate business many times. I could get side tracked there.. anyway, as it stands now the banks are getting just what they want at many many peoples expense and it’s not right.

    I have an odd thing on one file I’ll share. It was a difficult order (as most were) and I was told to do the BPO even though I found a small park type mobile still on wheels, they insisted I do the BPO because they had a prior. So I did it as a singlewide and submitted the order. They sent it back many times because my pics didn’t match the prior and they wanted me to justify the address as if I had been at the wrong property. Once I showed them all the facts they were finally convinced I had the right property and the order disappeared. They finally told me it had been reassigned as a land order and that was a different department but I would get paid on it as I had done the work. So this order finally shows back up in my portal and it had the bank order attached to it. So I checked it out and it appears as though they charged the bank an additional $275. for a land appraisal ordered thru ES Appraisal Services and the attached Appraisal Engagement Letter is for ME. I am not an appraiser, nor did I agree to do a land appraisal for ES Appraisal Services…. The delivery instructions require me to do things I never did, nor am I even familiar with… Did they invoice their client Washington Mutual/Chase twice for work I did once? Stranger still, Eval sent me a check for this one earlier this month. They owe for many prior BPO’s, why this one?

    Eval was a terrible company to work for and I would be willing to be a part of / provide what I know if someone out there knows how to go back after them for both the money owed and their behavior / treatment of agents, bad business practices, whatever. Seems to me the company might be untouchable with the bankruptcy but criminal behavior?

    Eval (Evil) the Grinch who stole xmas! So onward & Happy New Year.

  13. 13 /*On December 24th, 2012*/, Home Appraisals, Inc. said:

    I read up on OCC bulletin #occ2001-47 and it does sound like Chase would be responsible but I am not a lawyer. ES owes me $4,575 for appraisals done in Florida. Does anyone know if we can file a contractor’s lien on the homes we appraised?

  14. 14 /*On December 26th, 2012*/, McCoy said:

    They stiffed me for over $1200, anyone doing a class action ?

  15. 15 /*On December 26th, 2012*/, kendra kane said:

    File a mechanics lien on the property that you did the bpo or analysis for. Chase IS responsible. They probably owe ES money and instead of sending it to them, they should send it to the appraisers. This happened years ago with Citicorp/Citibank and an AMC. Citi took it upon themselves to make sure the appraisers were not screwed over. Place liens on the properties and send notification to Chase that they owe you the money.

  16. 16 /*On December 30th, 2012*/, Debb Dideum said:

    Mechanics leins might be a good idea till I looked and it costs a minimum of $32. to record on in this county and each BPO ranges from 45-90 dollars. Just doesn’t add up…. dang. Does anyone know who to contact a Chase to inquire about payment directly from them?

  17. 17 /*On January 5th, 2013*/, Rick Ott said:

    I’m an appraiser in Houston, TX who has done a lot of work for them. They owe me over $15,000. I’ve had problems with them in the past and called numerous parties including the Florida Attorney Generals office and Chase/Washington Mutual in Jacksonville. Although they weren’t very helpful at the time I did receive payments shortly thereafter. There is no doubt in my mind that Chase/Washington Mutual is partially responsible and in line for a class action suit as they have been aware for over a year that they were employing an AMC with issues paying realtors and appraisers. I’m presently getting nowhere with Chase but have an appointment with a local attorney next week. Pleae keep me updated if anyone else being owed money by ES has also had any contact with Chase.

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