3rd April 2013

April Fools Fallout

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RE: Appraisal Management Company CEO interview – April Fools Joke

Hey Everyone, Fans, Appraisers and Haters.

My April 1st, 2013 (Aprils Fools Day) blog post that was a parody interview with fictitious AMC owners / CEO’s was not liked by all.

Although all the emails I received from appraisers stating they realized this was a joke, there was one AMC that threatened legal damage if the post remained up to readers.

Furthermore, I do believe in freedom of speech, but I do not have the time or money to fight this issue so I have decided to take the post down.

Next year I will produce a better ‘joke’ for us appraisers! I hope they don’t take me off their appraisal panel (new joke). 🙂

Take care,

Bryan Knowlton

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  1. 1 /*On April 16th, 2013*/, Shawnte said:

    Dear Bryan,

    I know the owner of the Laugh Factory, I think you should try to get on stage! I don’t agree with the HATERS, you have a great sense of humor!
    Furthermore, I think we should start a blog called “the cheapest AMC”, and have appraisers send in their offers as a bid for the “lowest fee award”. I got one this week for 0 and one for less than 200 dollars! Anyone can beat that?


  2. 2 /*On April 16th, 2013*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thanks, I thought it was a funny joke… But it was a joke on my friends and associates, the appraisers… Not the AMCs. I guess I should have wrote an article like:

    JUST IN! All appraisers are now willing to work for peanuts! Yes, actual peanuts!!!

    The AMCs would have started buying the cheapest wholesale peanuts to pay us with and then be left with all of them… They would probably end up paying their in house staff appraisers with them…

    Oh well, can’t win em all! 🙂

  3. 3 /*On April 16th, 2013*/, Jim said:

    They would have realized it was a joke…..if it didn’t describe THEIR business model so well!!!

    I can think of two or three AMC’s who regularly promote themselves “By Appraisers…For Appraisers” and will then send orders for approximately 50% to 60% of what is Customary and Reasonable in my market, with short, unreasonable turn times.

    I even had one of their Managers responsible for my area call me (who stated was also a Certified Appraiser, so knew the fee appraiser’s perspective)…saying (paraphrasing) “you haven’t had much volume with us and we’d like to know if you would like increased volume from us”. We discussed my ‘submitted’ fees which they had on record… and they even said (paraphrasing again) “with a couple minor exceptions, your fees are in line and reasonable”. Within two days, I received a notification that they had assigned me an order… I thought “great”, they’re beginning to actually value ‘quality’ over ‘cheaper-faster’…. but…YOU GUESSED IT!!! The fee offered was at approximately 50% of C&R in my market! I placed a call and left a voice mail asking the Market Manager…What Gives?

    Never received a return call….imagine that. Declined that order as well as a couple others since…reason…”fee”.

    Keep writing the truth as humor as much as possible….remember the old saying….”YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING TO ANYBODY… EVEN THE HARD TRUTH…..AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A BIG ENOUGH SMILE ON YOUR FACE”

    If they take you off their list, so be it…are they of the moral character of someone you can trust and want to do business with anyway?

    Finally, since this is on a website named “Appraiser Income” one final note.
    I have, over the past six months to a year, become more selective over who I do work for and for how much.

    I started to turn down the low paying, time consuming assignments. It was really hard at first. I didn’t want to turn down ANY opportunity for income. But started a ‘log’ of assignments and fees that I did not accept, and the reasons why.
    I found that many times I would have accepted, or at least countered some of those lender/AMC’s offers, but due to the sheer ‘volume’ of work I had on my open list, I turned down additional assignments. After 30 to 45 days of doing this, I looked at my income over that period and compared those fees to the fees of the many I HAD to turn down….and was amazed at how much $ I had declined. I found my declinations were a result of volume of the low fee stuff I had accepted when I was too scared to turn away “any” income.

    The truth was, the lower fee stuff I accepted in desperation, was preventing me from accepting higher fee work. NO MORE!!!

    I’ve been able to increase my Income, by doing less Volume! And the added benefit is…I can actually watch a movie in the evening if I want to…take a ride on my motorcycle…even play a round of golf (can’t remember the last time I did that). I’ve taken some of my life back.

    I just had to have the backbone and confidence that it could be done! So let the ‘cheaper/faster’ AMC keep their crap orders…let them take you off their panel….BETTER YET…..FIRE THEM!!!

  4. 4 /*On April 16th, 2013*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thank you for the great comments. I agree with you 100%.

    I also stopped doing less than customary and reasonable work years ago and I saw my income increase over 30% and I do a lot less work. When the work is really coming in and the complexity is low I can make AMAZING amounts of $$$ for the appraisal work.

    I have since been removed from the fee panel of the company that thought I was talking about them… Good riddance. They can continue to send out orders that should be in the $800 range to other appraisers willing to deliver low quality appraisals for $200. That is my opinion. If they are forcing appraisers to work on a volume basis to stay alive, they are going to get inferior quality reports.

    I urge all appraisers to refuse all work that is not customary and reasonable, improve the profession by putting these AMCs that are destroying our profession out of business. If they are ‘by appraisers for appraisers’ then they should stop the dog eat dog mentality of our industry and work to improve the profession and quality of life of us hard working appraisers.


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