28th August 2013

Where has the AMC work gone?

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Hope everything is going well out in appraisal land! I know for me my AMC work has steadily declined over the past few months.

What about you?

Since work has been so great and plentiful over the past couple years I rarely found the time to update my profiles on numerous AMC websites so when a few of my top vendors started hiring in house appraisers, my AMC volume went from 40 requests a week down to about 10.

Now I am lucky if I can accept 2 orders a week from the AMCs. Luckily I have a fair amount of non-lender work due to some recent advertising campaigns, but I still count on a fair amount of AMC work to make ends meet.

What are other appraisers seeing out there with AMC work? How many orders do you do a week now compared to 3 months ago?

I would really appreciate your feedback, please leave a comment below.

BTW – I have started updating all my profiles with the other 250 AMCs I have registered with in the past. I will keep everyone that posts a comment below updated on how that goes.


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