15th July 2014

How Does Your Appraiser Website Rank?

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Appraiser Website RankingHey Everyone! Hope you are having a great week.  Today I came across a question from a fellow appraiser about traffic to their website.  They have a relatively new website that is getting a few hundred hits a month and just wanted to see if they are doing the right stuff to get more traffic and such.

One of the first things you want to determine is the number of people that contact you after they visit your website.   Even if your website is getting visits, it is worthless unless people are taking the next step to contact you.

Make sure your contact information is placed throughout the website and that you have a mobile version of your website as well.  That is a good starting point.

The next step you will probably want to take is to get some good analytics added to your website so you can see where that traffic is coming from, and if it is from the search engines, what keywords they are using to find your website.

You can have thousands of visits a month, but if they are finding your website because you are ranking for the wrong terms (funny cat at appraisal, real estate for sale, etc….), then that traffic is pretty worthless to your appraisal business.

You want to determine your keywords as soon as possible, usually prior to building a website, but you can also make changes to your website to help the search engines and other websites determine it is actually an appraiser website.

So optimize your website for those primary keywords and use those keywords in your social profiles, throughout your websites, in your blog posts if your blog, when creating videos and in all of your marketing efforts.

You can track the progress you are making by checking your analytics from time to time and by getting an app that tracks your website ranking.  I like to use an app called SEO Ranking.  It keeps track of your placement in Google.

Iphone – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/seo-search-ranking/id320423449?mt=8

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leonhuang.seosearchranking&hl=en

Most likely if your website is showing on the first page of google, you are top ranking on all the other search engines.

If you would like more information on optimizing your website, or getting a free optimized website by being a member of the Appraiser’s Club, please visit http://appraisersclub.com for more information and to attend one of our free webinars!

I hope you found this helpful!!


Bryan Knowlton



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