11th January 2019

Nominations for 2020 AI Vice President Due Feb. 8

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The Appraisal Institute is seeking the names of AI professionals interested in serving as the organization’s 2020 vice president. The 2020 vice president will succeed to the office of president-elect in 2021, president in 2022 and immediate past president in 2023. 

The deadline for submission is Feb. 8. 

View the qualifications for 2020 vice president. Nominees cannot serve as a member of the National Nominating Committee at any time during the year in which their candidacy would be considered. This requirement does not preclude consideration for the office in future years. 

AI professionals wishing to serve or interested in recommending someone for the position should submit information in writing to: 

James L. Murrett, MAI, SRAChair, 2019 National Nominating Committeec/o Joan Barngrover

Appraisal Institute

200 W. Madison Avenue Suite 1500

Chicago, IL 60606 

Or email your recommendation to: jbarngrover@appraisalinstitute.org 

The National Nominating Committee is scheduled to meet in Chicago on May 6-8.

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