29th July 2022

Appraisers getting a lot less appraisal work

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Wow, what a difference a few months make. I know many of us are struggling with the lack of work at this time, but hopefully this will be a short term thing and work will go back to business as usual as it has in the past.

Over the past few years I am sure most of us have made the most you have ever made as a real estate appraiser, but just like in 2007, we all knew things had to change at some point.

For all of you that survived through the last real estate downturn when there was no work for months upon end, things eventually started to turn around and business just increased from that point.

So hang in there, stay positive and look for other ways to generate more appraiser income. Start working on expanding your non-lender work again and sign up to more AMCs. Talk with other appraisers online and find out what they are doing to survive.

Most appraisers outside of your work area, and even some of those in the same area are more than willing to share what is working for them. There are so many great groups on facebook that you can become a part of and connect directly with those that are interested in sharing information.

For now the Appraiser’s Club is closed because I want to revamp it to make it more functional. I hope to get back to teaching all my non-lender marketing techniques and how I get the most out of working with the AMCs. But after years of working 60-80 hour weeks I am not quite ready to jump in to redeveloping the website. If you are signed up to my newsletter, you will receive a notification when the club is available again.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time and I hope to be here again for you during this slow period.

I will also start posting job notifications for appraisers if you are looking for a paid position during this time.

Thanks again for being a loyal reader!

~ Bryan Knowlton

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