2nd January 2012

Happy New Year! Now update your templates 2012 USPAP changes

The 2012 USPAP contains changes critical for the appraiser.

1. Certification 2-03. Appraiser must disclose whether or not they have provided prior services on a property being appraised in the last 36 months from a possible Effective Date of Value. This requirement is stated in Certification in SR 2-3 and can be found on page 29 in the 2012- USPAP manual. Appraiser must disclose if they have a current or prospective interest in the property or parties to the transaction.

2. The 2012 USPAP requires appraiser to include the Exposure time statement in the report. Read USPAP 2012 on this and refer to Exposure Time definition.

Definitions and comments:

EXPOSURE TIME: estimated length of time that the property interest being appraised would have been offered on the market prior to the hypothetical consummation of a sale at market value on the effective date of the appraisal.

The Exposure time is a retrospective opinion based on an analysis of past events assuming a competitive and open market.

“I have performed no (or the specified) other services, as an appraiser or in any other capacity, regarding the property that is the subject of the work under review within the three-year period immediately preceding acceptance of this assignment.

These changes should make your appraisal reports USPAP 2012 compliant.

Special thanks to appraisaltoday.com for this reminder!

Happy Appraising to all of you in 2012!!!!

~ Bryan

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26th January 2011

The Busy Appraiser Podcast #4 – DataMaster

In this episode I talk about a super time saving piece of software that I have been using. It has been about a month and I am loving it! It cuts a ton of time off my appraisal report typing by putting in all my subject and comparable information as well as helping to complete the 1004MC and REO Addendum.

There are so many ways to customize DataMaster to fill out your appraisal reports. You can read all about it at http://datamasterusa.com/. There is a free trial, so make sure you sign up and at least give it a try.

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10th January 2011

Real Estate Appraiser – Video Marketing As a Local Trust Agent

The two effective and successful marketing tools which are introduced in the year 2010 that the Real Estate Appraisers can enjoy the benefit of are Video Marketing and Becoming Trust Agent for Your Local Housing Market! Video Marketing has been quite effective and has shown positive results on almost all the businesses. It has created a great impact on the people. For instance, the “United Breaks Guitars” video was viewed for 6,987,422 till date. Most of the locals are searching for a reliable “Trust Agent” who will help them know about the changing housing market conditions as it is the largest part of your investments. Moreover, they find video much interesting.

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19th December 2010

Hiring a Licensed Home Appraiser


Part of the home buying process might include ordering an official appraisal to help place an appropriate worth on the property you are thinking of buying. The property appraisal will be conducted by a licensed appraiser in your area.

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15th November 2010

Considering a Real Estate Appraiser Career For You?

Considering a career as a real estate appraiser? It’s a career choice that offers the opportunity to work outside a typical office environment, the chance to meet different kinds of people and with experience, the choice to start your own consulting business. Here are some tips to consider if you’re ready to take on this exciting, career challenge:

Satisfy your state’s real estate appraisal education requirements.

First things first – you must fulfill your state’s educational requirements before launching your career and obtaining your trainee license. You can take your course in a classroom setting. However, many choose to pursue their real estate appraisal training in an online learning environment. Benefits of this choice can include setting your own study schedule, learning from home and progressing at your own pace. Whether you choose an online or classroom setting, your learning objectives should include land taxation, government regulations, zoning laws and the business aspect of the job, which involves current market trends.
Pass your state exam and obtain field experience. On-the-job training will allow you to implement what you learned during your real estate appraisal courses. On the job training would put you under an experienced real estate appraiser. Basically, you will act as an assistant to your mentor and examine how things are done. It is also the best way to start building networks among prominent people on the job; you never know when a good connection may come in handy. It is not impossible to make valuable contacts when conducting or assisting with an appraisal or even just attending business meetings with your mentor. Make sure to make yourself known to them, you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity.
Consider all the opportunities an appraiser career offers. Aside from mentorship with a real estate appraiser, how about working for a bank? It’s an ideal move for someone who wants to specialize in land value and equities. Another is taking apprenticeship with the government, particularly in the department that handles taxation problems and revenues because this is very much in sync with the job. Lastly, after acquiring enough experience, why not launch your business? You could work independently and develop a network of clients and businesses you perform appraisals for, or you can hire other appraisers and serve as a mentor to new, budding appraisers.

An appraisal may be the rewarding career opportunity you’ve been seeking. If anything, it’s definitely worth investigating, especially in an economy that is positively progressing in the right direction.

If you are currently working full-time and/or juggling other personal and family responsibilities, don’t be dismayed – an appraisal career is still possible! Consider the convenience an online real estate school can offer with schedule flexibility and the ability to learn from home on your own schedule. Saving money on gas and child care are also major benefits.

Conduct your own research and learn more about this career field. It might be the best move you ever make for your career, future and family.

Jason S. Cruz is a copywriter for Real Estate School. we provide industry-leading online courses for real estate appraiser that enable students to meet their educational requirements and prepare for the state exam. The convenient distance education courses offer students a quick and flexible way to advance their careers.

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