22nd March 2011

Appraiser Marketing System – TITLE tag and why it is so important

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Ready to get your hands dirty and learn how to get your website to rank in the search engines? That is the best way to get that valuable estate, divorce and bankruptcy work.

I am going to cover one of the most important factors in getting your website to rank for the keywords and phrases your customers are searching with.

You need good TITLE tags, headers and you must always place your primary keywords into the content on your website. If you remember from one of my earlier emails, the title tags display what shows up at the top of your browser window when you are on a website.

If you visit: http://appraisalmanagementcompanies.org/ and look at the top of your browser, you will see: Appraisal Management Companies Directory NEW list will make you MONEY! CLICK HERE

Your title should have your #1 primary keywords in it and possibly your company name and a small description of what is on that page. It might look like: San Diego Appraisal services by Appraise All – Service Area (if the page was my service area page)

I think that is enough to focus on today… You should go and review your title tags on your website. The next email will be about getting people to link to your website, which is equally important in my book.

So take a little time, visit your website and make some changes to your title tags if needed. Try to include different primary keyword on each of your website pages. You don’t want the same title tags across all pages on your website.

To come up with the most popular keywords people use to find your services, try city + appraiser and city + appraisal and then look for variations.

A great keyword tool is:

And you can also get ideas for different related terms by using the Google wonder wheel:
After you put a term in to the Google search box, along the left side where it says – More Search tools, click on that and select Wonder Wheel.

Make a big list of your keywords that you can use throughout your website and social profiles. For now you will want to focus on the keywords with the highest global and local searches.

Next week I will cover some basic keyword research.

Until next time, Happy Appraising!!!

Bryan Knowlton
Appraiser Income

twitter- http://www.twitter.com/AMCDirectory
linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/appraiserincome

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