28th October 2011

Appraiserloft – $3M in unpaid appraiser fees

Hopefully you were not one of the thousands of appraisers stuck with unpaid invoices from AppraiserLoft after they unexpectedly closed their doors without any notice or explanation.

According to HousingWire, some feel that appraisers should go after the lender to recoup appraisal fees that might have already been paid out to AppraiserLoft.

I know on my message board we have come up with a few ideas from going after the homeowner who will in turn pressure their mortgage brokers and lenders. Others have suggested going after the bond issued in the state the AMC was required to provide appraisal management services.

After receiving numerous calls for help from fellow appraisers, I have posted a few different articles on my blog about this issue. If you need assistance, please read the posts as well as the comments from other appraisers stuck in this situation.

Hopefully we can work together to get this resolved and appraisal invoices paid.

Good luck out there! Make sure to listen to my recent podcasts as well!

Bryan Knowlton

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11th October 2011

The Busy Appraiser 12 – Lots of appraisal work

In this episode I talk a little about how busy I have been doing appraisals. It really seems to be out of control right now in San Diego with the majority of work for refinance work.

I am also doing quite a bit of estate work that I get off of my appraiser website. I believe some tax laws have recently changed so I have been doing quite a bit of multi-property estate appraisals as well as some very high end properties.

I also mention the new product that I recently created about getting more work and more money from appraisal management companies.

The biggest tip I have here is that you should counter offer ALL appraisals that you do not feel you are getting enough to complete. I have found that I am making much more money and doing far less work on appraisals that might have paid less in the past.

Please give it a try, I am sure you will be happy with your results as long as you are working with a number of appraisal management companies.

You can get more information on the new product here – Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

Hope you enjoy the show!


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11th October 2011

Appraiser Loft closes its doors – FINALLY!

On Friday employees were notified the company was out of business and insolvent.

They were told they would be paid later. [CEO] Aman [Makkar] told them at lunch they will get paid next week, and they won’t

Appraiser Loft has been known by appraisers for a long time now as not being expediant when paying their invoices. I have had numerous appraisers call and ask me how they should go about collecting appraisal fees from Appraiser Loft.

…continue reading the rest of this post: Appraiser Loft closes its doors – FINALLY!

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2nd October 2011

San Diego Miramar Airshow 2011

Here are some AWESOME photos my wife took from the neighborhood park. Amazing show once again!

Next year we might actually go!

Have a great week and will make an update soon!


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