25th January 2012

2012 AMC Resource Guide Now Available

“I purchased the AMC directory last week and am very happy. I signed up for 4 companies and already received two orders.” – Diane F.

Hi all,
I removed deadbeat AMCs and removed all the companies that have gone out of business, lowered the number of AMCs to under 300 – no need to waste your time applying to companies that don’t send work, and added some new clients. I updated my list so that the top 45 companies are the ones that send me over 95% of all my AMC work. I also updated the marketing information, tips and advice on my best techniques for getting more business and making more money in 2012. ~ Bryan Knowlton

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“I have purchased your AMC directory and have been successful with obtaining new clients. Your emails are also very informative and full of excellent advise. Out of the AMC’s I have signed up with, I was able to get two solid clients with consistent work on a weekly basis. Three other AMC’s send orders on occasion. Thank you.” -Zachary Brown

Chapters Include:

· Make more money with AMCs

· The Application Process

· Maximize AMC Orders

· Links to each AMC’s online application page or email

· Common Errors to Avoid

· Specific AMC Requirements

· Companies that SEND ORDERS!

Bonus Chapters Included:

· Recession Proof Your Appraisal Business

· Appraisal Company Marketing

· Top Revenue Generating Techniques

· Maximizing Internet Orders

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25th January 2012

AGA uses law firm to request documents related to Customary and Reasonable Fees

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2012 – [List of AMCs] On behalf of the American Guild of Appraisers, today the law firm Garvey Schubert Barer filed a request with the Federal Reserve Board under the Freedom of Information Act seeking a wide variety of documents related to the regulations on customary and reasonable compensation of fee appraisers that were issued by the Board in October 2011.

In announcing this action, Guild President Peter Vidi said, “It is clear that appraisal management companies have interpreted rules issued by the Fed as permitting practices that result in real estate appraisers being compensated at levels that are far below ‘reasonable and customary fees’ as required in the Dodd Frank Law. We want to learn whether the Fed intended this result and if so why.”

…continue reading the rest of this post: AGA uses law firm to request documents related to Customary and Reasonable Fees

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24th January 2012

Service Link is looking for Appraisers – Especially LA County

Backed by Fidelity National Title. ServiceLink offers a complete suite of valuation solutions to determine true real estate value and qualify collateral risk. Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our proven processes and serve first approach, are what differentiates ServiceLink in the mortgage services industry. We exceed our organization goals in providing quality valuation services that improve the lender’s cycle time and reduce operating costs, while mitigating risk and providing the borrower with an enhanced experience.

PHONE #: 800-777-8759

CONTACT: nita.white@servicelinkfnf.com
COMPANY WEBSITE: www.servicelinkfnf.com

We are a National AMC, however, we really need appraisers in S. Cal, especially LA County.

Nita White
Director Of Vendor Management/California

ServiceLink, FNF’s National Lender Platform
560 E. Hospitality Lane | San Bernardino, CA 92408
(800) 777-8759 x85607 (office) | (909) 743-9219 (cell)


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23rd January 2012

Nations Valuation Services is seeking appraisers!

Nations Valuation Services (NVS) is a national appraisal management company established in 1992 with the objective of providing unbiased real estate appraisals and alternative valuation products to the lending industry. Part of Nations Companies, NVS is proud to announce we are exploding with new business nationwide and currently looking for appraisers to join our elite panel.

For almost 20 years, NVS has been a leader in the valuation industry providing products and services of quality and integrity to local, regional, and national lenders, banks and brokers. Our clients continue to work with us because they trust us. As an extension of our company, we employ only the very best appraisers who share the same principles and objectives.

If you are a certified appraiser who believes in delivering products, service, and communication of the highest quality, can display geographic competency within your market, can thrive in a competitive environment, and aspire to be financially successful, then THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY!!!

NVS is a debt-free company, paying our vendors in a timely fashion. Our vendor selection process is based on geographic competency, product quality, communication, and the ability to meet the demands of our mutual client’s Service Level Agreements. Interested parties can complete an online application at https://nvsvendors.nationsvs.com/promo.aspx and enter invitation code, AppBuzz1.

Reprinted from AffiliateBuzz Newsletter.

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23rd January 2012

The William Fall Group is hiring staff appraisers

We’re always looking for diligent, quality-conscious appraisers to work with us as employees.

As an employee, The William Fall Group offers:

-Fast paced, challenging work environment
-Professional development
-Incredible management and support staff
-Competitive pay scale
-Reimbursement of designation, educational and licensing cost
-401 (k) program
-Healthcare insurance program

Click here to submit an online application for consideration.
Click here to request access to our Entrance Exam and to review and certify
that you understand our report standards for residential assignments.

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11th January 2012

Do you want free updates to my Appraisal Management Company Directory – for life?

I have a few copies left and will be changing my policy on getting free updates for life starting in 2012.

The time involved updating the list and making sure it is the best list around, I just can’t afford to offer free updates for life on the new 2012 AMC directory.

But what I will do, if you act NOW is to send you free updates for life (or for as long as the directory is published! I have no plans of stopping!)

The only way to do that is to order one of my last remaining copies of the book or the 2011 appraisal management company directory E-Version.

That way you will get the free updates for life. I was so swamped this year with appraisal work that I had to delay updating it, but will definitely have it completed by the end of this month.

I will be sending annual free updates in PDF format to all purchasers of the 2011 AMC Directory.

Thanks again for all your support. Remember, this is a VERY limited time offer. It will expire on 01/31/2012.

So get shopping and make sure you get free updates for life. Click here to order a copy of my Appraisal Management Company Directory.

~ Bryan

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11th January 2012

Retrospective Field Review Appraisers Needed

Coester Appraisal Group is seeking certified, residential appraisers with specific Retrospective Field Review Experience.

Due to an increase in business, we are currently seeking experienced, residential appraisers, nationwide, who possess working knowledge of Retrospective Field Reviews.

If interested, please respond with your experience level in the following four (4) areas:

Residential Appraisals
Retrospective Field Reviews – FNMA 2000 and 2000A
Retrospective Desk Reviews – FNMA 2005
Reconciliation Summary Reports

For more detail information regarding the specific requirements involved with this work, please contact Steve Francis at sfrancis@coesterappraisals.com.

NOTE: Contact Steve Francis at sfrancis@coesterappraisals.com. Although I appreciate everyone that attempted to use the contact form below to reply, you must e-mail them directly.

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11th January 2012

ASA, NAIFA, AI, ASFMRA File Comments with Federal Reserve on Appraiser Independence; Seek Critical Change Regarding Customary and Reasonable Fees

On December 27, the American Society of Appraisers, together with the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA), the Appraisal Institute (AI) and the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), filed reply comments with the Federal Reserve regarding its proposed Appraiser Independence Interim Final Regulations. Of utmost importance to ASA and our partners was concern over the potential for “the consideration of fees paid by AMCs when adhering to the first presumption of compliance with the customary and reasonable fee regulations,” which uses a series of factors in determining whether the fee paid to an appraiser is appropriate under the law and regulations. This concern arose from commentary provided by the Fed in its Interim Rule which stated that determining whether an appraisal fee is customary and reasonable, “does not require that a creditor use third-party information that excludes appraisals ordered by AMCs.”

Also addressed in the letter was the appropriateness of safe harbors for reliance upon third-party fee studies and surveys which rely on generally accepted survey methodologies, and a recommendation that the Fed, using its RESPA authority, require separate disclosure of appraisal fees and AMC fees in this or a subsequent rulemaking as a matter of consumer protection and to further ensure that appraisers receive customary and reasonable fees. The letter also directly addresses over a dozen questions raised by the Fed as part of the rulemaking process on a variety of issues, from the extension of conflicts of interest prohibitions to AVMs, to outcome-based appraiser compensation, to the consideration of professional designations as part of a determination of the reasonableness of fees.


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6th January 2012

New Opportunities for the New Year with Clearbox

With the beginning of the New Year there comes the chance for new opportunity. Clearbox has clients who are seeking to expand their fee panels and have asked us to put reach out to appraisers for the following areas:

Delaware • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York

If you have not already done so please take about 20 minutes to complete your registration on Clearbox. If you are already registered in Clearbox and would like to confirm that your profile is complete you can do so by contacting their customer service agents at help@clearblox.com.

~ P.S. – I don’t have much information on Clearbox and I have never completed an appraisal for them. If you have worked with them in the past or are currently working with them, please let us all know about your experiences with this appraisal management company below.

Thank you!

Bryan Knowlton

Note: I have received this message from Clearbox for your information.

Good Afternoon Bryan,
We appreciate you forwarding our message to all of your followers. I wanted to reach out and explain our company a bit more to you. Clearbox is not an AMC. Clearbox provides a platform for appraisers to reach out to Lenders and AMCs. Our system allows AMCs and Lenders to manage their fee panels and evaluate new appraisers. We provide appraisers with a profile system that helps them create an electronic resume view able by prospective AMCs and Lenders. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns you would like help with. You can check us out at www.clearbox.com.
Have a great day,

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2nd January 2012

Happy New Year! Now update your templates 2012 USPAP changes

The 2012 USPAP contains changes critical for the appraiser.

1. Certification 2-03. Appraiser must disclose whether or not they have provided prior services on a property being appraised in the last 36 months from a possible Effective Date of Value. This requirement is stated in Certification in SR 2-3 and can be found on page 29 in the 2012- USPAP manual. Appraiser must disclose if they have a current or prospective interest in the property or parties to the transaction.

2. The 2012 USPAP requires appraiser to include the Exposure time statement in the report. Read USPAP 2012 on this and refer to Exposure Time definition.

Definitions and comments:

EXPOSURE TIME: estimated length of time that the property interest being appraised would have been offered on the market prior to the hypothetical consummation of a sale at market value on the effective date of the appraisal.

The Exposure time is a retrospective opinion based on an analysis of past events assuming a competitive and open market.

“I have performed no (or the specified) other services, as an appraiser or in any other capacity, regarding the property that is the subject of the work under review within the three-year period immediately preceding acceptance of this assignment.

These changes should make your appraisal reports USPAP 2012 compliant.

Special thanks to appraisaltoday.com for this reminder!

Happy Appraising to all of you in 2012!!!!

~ Bryan

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