25th January 2012

2012 AMC Resource Guide Now Available

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“I purchased the AMC directory last week and am very happy. I signed up for 4 companies and already received two orders.” – Diane F.

Hi all,
I removed deadbeat AMCs and removed all the companies that have gone out of business, lowered the number of AMCs to under 300 – no need to waste your time applying to companies that don’t send work, and added some new clients. I updated my list so that the top 45 companies are the ones that send me over 95% of all my AMC work. I also updated the marketing information, tips and advice on my best techniques for getting more business and making more money in 2012. ~ Bryan Knowlton

Designed by an Appraiser for Appraisers
Do you want more appraisal orders? Are you looking to recession proof your appraisal business by getting more estate and FHA appraisal requests? Do you want the ability to select the best paying and most desirable appraisal work from the appraisal management companies?

· Easy to get started today

· First 40 listed send 90% of the author’s work

· National Management Companies

· Verified Companies that send orders

· Marketed successfully to appraisers for over three years

“Thanks Bryan, your list is worth the price. I’ve been getting good business from some of those AMCs. :)”

“I have purchased your AMC directory and have been successful with obtaining new clients. Your emails are also very informative and full of excellent advise. Out of the AMC’s I have signed up with, I was able to get two solid clients with consistent work on a weekly basis. Three other AMC’s send orders on occasion. Thank you.” -Zachary Brown

Chapters Include:

· Make more money with AMCs

· The Application Process

· Maximize AMC Orders

· Links to each AMC’s online application page or email

· Common Errors to Avoid

· Specific AMC Requirements

· Companies that SEND ORDERS!

Bonus Chapters Included:

· Recession Proof Your Appraisal Business

· Appraisal Company Marketing

· Top Revenue Generating Techniques

· Maximizing Internet Orders

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