25th July 2012

What is the deal with PCVMurcor? A holes of the decade.

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PCV was one of the first appraisal management companies I worked for when the HVCC was passed. Not only were they one of the great companies that saved me from bankruptcy, but they had great fees and were easy to work with.

Boy have times changed!!!!

Over the last few years, the company once known for being fair and loyal to appraisers quickly has become one of the most hated appraisal management companies around. First it was the gradual lowering of fees, then came the excessive review department. Honestly their reviewers had to have been paid to find an error on every single file, regardless of how silly the request was. Every single file, to explain an adjustment that was already explained, etc… More detail or explanation when not needed. I assume since there were no other error standing out on the appraisals I sent in, that the requests just became more and more silly. It was horrible, and I was not the only one to refuse work from them.

Occasionally I still get requests from them though. I am shocked at how low their fees are these days. They are one of the major reasons why appraisers are still not getting customary and reasonable fees.

They work on an appraisers fear. If you do not accept their low fees or try to get more money, they won’t send you offers anymore. If that is one of your primary clients, you become worried about making ends meet and paying the bills. What are you to do?


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Do whatever it takes, but please, for the good of the group

This is the only way our industry will improve. This is the only way to put these losers like PCV Murcor out of business.

Want to know the worst thing about PCV Murcor? From their website they have been practicing ‘appraiser independence’ since 1981. The company was founded by an appraiser, and is still owned by an Appraiser who holds a MAI designation.

Wow, what an A hole. That appraiser should get the biggest A hole appraiser of the century award. Helping to destroy our profession. Who is he/she? I really want to know. Is the owner / current owner Keith Murray? That is the information I found on their about page.

What a complete looser and one of those bottom feeding appraisers that is against the fellow appraiser, not looking to help each other out one bit.


How about letting them know. Either do it anonymously or with your contact information like I did. Make sure you fill out every field and mark ‘sales’ checkbox or something, otherwise it won’t submit properly:


Name: Customer Service
Email: customerservice@pcvmurcor.com
Phone (909)623-4001

Amazed…. Owned and operated by an Appraiser. What a real jerk.

So do everything you can to help make this industry better. There are a TON of great AMCs out there. There is so much estate work around that you should be more than busy.

If you have any feedback, please leave it here and I will get back to you. If you know of any other bottom feeder AMCs that people should completely refuse work from, please list them here as well.

Now is the time to take back our profession. There is way more work than appraisers these days. We must demand customary and reasonable.

Bryan Knowlton

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