5th September 2012

How to handle a subpoena from the FDIC

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I recently received notice from my E&O company with a quick note on how to respond to a subpoena from the FDIC so I thought I would share it with you.

A member received a subpoena from the FDIC stating that the FDIC, through one or more of its law firms it works with is sending a wave of subpoenas to appraisers requesting information from your work files. The subpoenas are being issued on official letterhead from the FDIC.

If you receive one, known as a subpoena decus tecum, contact your E&O carrier immediately and my E&O provide advised NOT to reply to or even aknowldedge receipt of the subpoena in any fashion.

Of course I am no lawyer, but it would always be a good idea to contact your provider first.

Hope nobody gets one of these!


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