16th January 2013

OREA information for California Appraisers

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Hold Times, Application Status, and Renewal Letters

Due to a high volume of renewal applications, The Office of Real Estate Appraisers’ (OREA) phone system has exceeded capacity on several occasions, which has resulted in callers experiencing a busy signal. When a caller is able to get through to the office, the caller will experience longer than normal hold times. This excessive call volume has resulted in delays in application processing time.

To avoid longer than average hold times, you may check the status of your application from the OREA website by selecting the “Appraisers” tab, then select “Check Your Application”, or you may click on the image below and go directly to the “Search Applications” page.

Once on the “Search Applications” page enter the required information. The results will give you: The date the Application was Received, the date a Request For Information was sent (if any), the date the Admission to Exam Letter was sent, the date the Admission to Exam Letter Expires, and the date Additional Information was Received.

Identify the date your Application was received, as illustrated in the example below. Our current processing time is 90 days* from receipt of complete application package. If you are sent a request for additional information, our processing time will reset to 90 days upon receipt of your most recent correspondence. The information provided on the Check Your Application link is the same information you will be given over the phone.

OREA is now sending out renewal letter reminders, however, NO renewal letters were sent to Licensee’s with license expiration dates from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013. All Licensees are expected to be aware of their license expiration date and the renewal cycle associated with the expiration date. There are two different renewal cycles for your license. Licensees can identify the specific licensing period by clicking on the Search for an Appraiser button below.

Once the Licensee has searched their license number or name, the renewal type will be identified as either:

USPAP (requires a 7 hour USPAP certificate)
Full CE (requires the remaining 49 hours of continuing educations certificates, which must include the NEW 4 hour CA and Fed Law certificate)

Please allow for 90 days for processing time.

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