21st May 2013

Best List of Appraisal Management Companies

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With all the appraisers looking for real estate appraisal work, Appraiser Income has updated their 2013 Appraisal Management company Directory for all real estate appraisers looking for more work.

(Newswire.net — May 16, 2013) San Diego, CA — The Rules Have Changed – Appraisers Unable to Market Directly to Lender.

With the passing of Frank-Dodd a few years back, appraisers were no longer to market their appraisal services directly to mortgage companies and real estate brokers. Since that time the appraiser would need to contact a third-party company called an Appraisal Management Company.

The problem is that there are numerous unlicensed appraisal management companies and real estate appraisers that are signed up with AMCs that refer the work to appraisers under their license for a substantial fee cut.

Bryan Knowlton has been publishing a list of appraisal management companies since 2007 and has recently updated his AMC directory to help appraisers find more real estate orders in their area.

Appraisers Have More Option

With the release of the latest update of the Appraisal Management Company Directory, real estate appraisers that have followed the marketing and sign-up information that comes with the directory will help them get more appraisal orders.

Chapters Include:
– Maximize orders with Appraisal Management Companies
– The AMC Application Process
– Make more $$$ with an Appraisal Management Company
– Links to online applications and emails
– List of Common Errors to Avoid
– Vendor Specific AMC Requirements
– Ordered by which companies that SEND ORDERS!

Bonus Chapters Included:
– Recession Proof Your Appraisal Business for the future
– Appraisal Company Marketing and how to maximize income
– Top Revenue Generating Techniques for 2013
– Maximizing Internet Orders through a top ranking website
– FHA Checklist and common errors to avoid

If you are a real estate appraiser looking for more work in your area, you should definitely check out his most recent release which can be found at AppraiserIncome.com

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