20th August 2013

US Appraisal Group – about to go bankrupt?

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Dianna Stieri the prior owner of US Appraisal Group sets the record straight.

After posting that a possible bankruptcy was looming for US Appraisal Group, I received calls from the prior owner and their Legal team in regards to my post. Dianna has advised that there is pending litigation in regards to the information that has been sent out.

She also stated that Appraisers have been contacted due to a billing dispute between a couple clients with US Appraisal Group and that appraisers were being requested to negotiate instant payment or set up a payment plan to receive payment.

She also stated most appraisers were owed between $250 – $400 each and that the total amount owed was not in the millions. (I didn’t ask a specific $).

At this time the company has been acquired by another AMC and all inquiries are being forwarded to their accounting department.

Bryan Knowlton

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