14th March 2014

American Title Launches Appraisal Company

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OMAHA, Neb., March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Last year, American Title Inc. (ATI) acquired Collateral Intelligence, LLC (CI), a national Appraisal Management Company, and has today changed the name from Collateral Intelligence to ATI Valuations.

Omaha-based ATI is the nation’s leading real estate information provider to home equity lenders and the Boston-based ATI Valuations (formerly Collateral Intelligence) offers appraisals and alternative valuations to its clients in the mortgage industry.

“Our clients have been asking for us to help them with valuation services for years due to all of the changes, but we wanted to make sure that we had a best-in-class solution before bringing it to the market. When we became aware of Collateral Intelligence, we knew that it was a perfect fit,” said Mike Mackintosh, Executive Vice President of ATI. “Mark Sennott (CEO) and his team have a tremendous amount of experience, not only in the valuation market, but in working collaboratively with clients to create innovative valuation solutions that improve the process for all parties involved.”

Mackintosh said that ATI offers title products to most of the top ten Home Equity Lenders in the US and that the company has been growing rapidly as a result. ATI Valuations, meanwhile, has rolled out several appraisal hybrid products and appraisal desktops that are also what many Home Equity lenders are now looking for.

Since last year, the two companies have worked diligently to integrate the ATI infrastructure, which includes ensuring that subject matter experts work in their area of expertise. “We think that this will create the best solution for our clients since they will get access to title and valuation products through one company, but still have the best possible people working on the unique products,” said Mackintosh. The companies said the combined financial resources will be used to position ATI to better compete in the marketplace.

“We are excited to be associated with an industry leader like ATI,” said Mark Sennott, CEO of ATI Valuations. “We think our appraisal hybrids are a great match for their clients and our combined strengths will allow us to do much more for all our clients.”

SOURCE American Title Inc.

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