31st May 2016

Navigating California’s Laws and Regulations

4 Hours CE: $79
(Required coursework: Meets BREA Laws and Regs requirement)

OREP Member Price: $49
(Save $30)


Navigating California’s Laws and Regulations

Presented By: Brian Mathews

Do you fully understand the latest California laws and regulations as they relate to appraisal? The Competency Rule of USPAP requires that an appraiser know and understand the laws and regulations that apply to a given assignment. Satisfy your CE requirement and become a more confident,
successful appraiser.

Instructor Brian Mathews, an appraiser for 35+ years and an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor since 2005, shows you the state and federal regulations that you need to be aware of to stay out of trouble. Mathews takes a down-to-earth approach in explaining exactly what you need to know. Learn the current terminology, agencies, and requirements that will help you be a better appraiser. This course is hot off the presses and filled with the latest information on state and federal regulations.

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27th May 2016

Just in time for Memorial Day – Marketing Guides and Directories


2016 Appraisal Management Company Directory
Fully Updated for 2016

    • Now With over 200 AMCs Listed
    • TOP 41 on the list send me 90% of all appraisal orders
    • TOP 10 on the list are my BEST clients
    • Money Back Guarantee


Published by a full time Real Estate Appraiser

Do you want more appraisal orders? Are you looking to recession proof your appraisal business by getting more Estate and FHA appraisal requests? Have you signed up to appraisal management companies and are still not getting any offers from the AMCs? Do you need a GOOD list with all the bad guys removed?

Don’t Hesitate! If you have any questions please contact me any time during the day! email me at bryan@appraiserincome.com and I will get back to you immediately!!!


200+ VERIFIED Appraisal Management Companies Listed!

Honestly, most of us hate working for the appraisal management companies but want to stay in business… But are you doing AMC orders full time? Are you making $8,000 – $12,000 per month?

On average I make over $12,000 a month doing Estate Appraisals ordered off my top ranking website and completing orders for appraisal management companies. I update the list frequently and now I can easily say more than 90% of my AMC work comes from the top 41 vendors. They also offer the most competitive rates and turn around times.

This book lays out all the details on how to get signed up with the appraisal management companies and information on creating top ranking websites. Order the book today and you will receive a free search engine optimized website built by internet marketing specialists. All the details are in the AMC Directory.



Chapters Include:
– Maximize orders with Appraisal Management Companies
– The AMC Application Process
– Links to online applications and emails
– List of Common Errors to Avoid
– Vendor Specific AMC Requirements
– Ordered by which companies that SEND ORDERS!
Bonus Chapters Included:
– Recession Proof Your Appraisal Business for the future
– Appraisal Company Marketing and how to maximize income
– Top Revenue Generating Techniques for 2016
– Maximizing Internet Orders through a top ranking website
– FHA Checklist and common errors to avoid

90% of my work come from the first 41 on my list!Get Started Today!

appraisal management companies

Online AMC Directory Available through a membership with the
Private Appraisers Club – http://www.appraisersclub.com

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25th May 2016

How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments

7 Hours CE: $119

OREP Member Price: $99
(Save $20)

“I truly want to produce the highest quality appraisals possible and your classes have finally given me to tools and ideas to make that possible.”Jackie Cox

“Why wasn’t this taught years ago?”Jackie Henry

“It was a great class, now I need to redo all my reports for the last 30 years!”Sharon

Presented By: Richard Hagar, SRA

Online CE
Take this course at your own schedule!

Will support for your adjustments hold up under scrutiny? How do you determine the right adjustment?

Regulations now require that appraisal adjustments cannot be based upon an appraiser’s opinion. Failure to provide proof and analysis to support your adjustments can mean a rough road from now on: state board complaints, license revocation, panel removal, lawsuits.

And learn how to avoid Fannie Mae’s bad side: Fannie Mae states that the number one reason appraisals are flagged is the “use of adjustments that do not reflect market reaction.”

So get smart(er) and stop taking the same old CE courses. Learn something relevant to today’s business environment. This legendary course taught by Richard Hagar, SRA shows you the accepted methods of providing supportable adjustments. Up your game, avoid time-consuming callbacks and earn approved CE today!

• Real world examples and case studies
• Use proven techniques to defend yourself against state boards, lenders, and disgruntled clients
• Master adjustment methods using the Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison Approaches
Improve your skillset, increase your income by producing a better product and avoid judgment day with this new CE offering.

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