31st May 2016

Navigating California’s Laws and Regulations

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4 Hours CE: $79
(Required coursework: Meets BREA Laws and Regs requirement)

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Navigating California’s Laws and Regulations

Presented By: Brian Mathews

Do you fully understand the latest California laws and regulations as they relate to appraisal? The Competency Rule of USPAP requires that an appraiser know and understand the laws and regulations that apply to a given assignment. Satisfy your CE requirement and become a more confident,
successful appraiser.

Instructor Brian Mathews, an appraiser for 35+ years and an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor since 2005, shows you the state and federal regulations that you need to be aware of to stay out of trouble. Mathews takes a down-to-earth approach in explaining exactly what you need to know. Learn the current terminology, agencies, and requirements that will help you be a better appraiser. This course is hot off the presses and filled with the latest information on state and federal regulations.

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