18th July 2016

Anyone need an appraiser trainee in Los Angeles?

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Elena Ulitskaya made a post recently on Facebook.  She got a little flamed only for utilizing an additional tool to reach appraisers through the ‘I am an appraiser’ facebook group.  She also received a lot of positive feedback as well and I thought I would see if I could help her out by making a post for her.

If you are seeking an appraiser trainee in Los Angeles, you should interview her.  Thanks everyone!

Here is her post from facebook:

I am a licensed as an appraisal trainee in the county of Los Angeles, CA. I am a motivated and intelligent individual with an ability to learn quickly, seeking a career as a Real Estate Appraiser Trainee, where my recent education and personal qualities can be utilized best. If you are a supervisor looking for a hardworking and competent trainee, you have found your match.
If given the opportunity, I would work the best of my abilities to use all of my knowledge and prove my full dedication to the profession. I’m sure that disappointment would not be an issue because I have strong personality, I’m focused, can handle work pressure and I can guarantee that I will do whatever it takes to become valuable and successful team member. I could work with minimal or even no compensation until supervisor would feel more confident in me and my abilities.

I truly appreciate your time and effort to help me out!

Elena Ulitskaya

Please contact me by email: elenul@gmail.com

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