15th January 2018

2017 Voice of the Appraiser Report

Anyone else use boomerang with their Gmail accounts?  Well this has been bouncing back to me almost every week since November.

I have meant to make a post about it because everyone doesn’t know about it.  You can get it here.

A couple things I found interesting is that most of the appraisers surveyed in 2011 had typical fees of $300-400 an appraisal, that was the same number on the 2016 survey and increased to $400-500 in 2017 with almost an equal amount in the $300-400 and More than $500 responses.  That is great news as we are seeing the under $300 per appraisal fees slip away.  Those AMCs are a bunch of dirt bags that still try to charge under $300 an appraisal.   Don’t work for them! …continue reading the rest of this post: 2017 Voice of the Appraiser Report

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