15th January 2018

2017 Voice of the Appraiser Report

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Anyone else use boomerang with their Gmail accounts?  Well this has been bouncing back to me almost every week since November.

I have meant to make a post about it because everyone doesn’t know about it.  You can get it here.

A couple things I found interesting is that most of the appraisers surveyed in 2011 had typical fees of $300-400 an appraisal, that was the same number on the 2016 survey and increased to $400-500 in 2017 with almost an equal amount in the $300-400 and More than $500 responses.  That is great news as we are seeing the under $300 per appraisal fees slip away.  Those AMCs are a bunch of dirt bags that still try to charge under $300 an appraisal.   Don’t work for them!

One statistic I think needs to be adjusted is the ‘typical number of full appraisal assignments completed each month’.  I would love to see the 10+ factor broken down since that is where 71.4% of appraisers answered.  Lets see all the data in increments of 5 up to 40 a month, maybe even 50 if it is statistically relevant.

The report also has some good information about the types of work appraisers complete, working with AMCs, marketing and the state of the industry.

Take the time, print it out and give it a good read.  It might even make you feel better about being an appraiser!  We are all in this together!


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